12 Hanged Person

Hor’ Flips of 12 The Hanged Person



Image Above Left

The Hanged Person – Male


I noted that the image above left has a definite Masculine appearance. Jesus Mercury, the son of the sun.


 Image Above Right

    The Hanged Person – Lady

This was revealed when I wanted to line the numbers of the 12 when flipped horizontally. I moved the top layer slightly to form and equal XIIX and the definite female form was unveiled complete with tiny waist, breast and a menstruating vagina. Note the figure in her womb. The crowned and conquering child?Note the golden mercurial orb between the womb figures eyes. Note once again the multiple face of “beings” down the centre line from the serpent coils at top (woman) down to a crowned lion between the shins, a crowned ape on the main woman figures chin, and that is an upside down fox like figure. I see this vixen figure in many of these Arkana I work with. a masonic compass makes up the apes chin.As I look deeper more faces, more beings, more keys are unveiled. What do you see?


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