as above so below

The mountains and hills that erupt from the ground

bring life to the water as it starts on it’s round

gathering together falling faster the flow

starting the movement for the wind that will blow

The water that falls runs to pools in the rocks

decaying and rotting all movement just stops

along comes the sun bringing heat and bright light

distilling the water until vanished from sight.

Rising high above earth it forms to a cloud

and gathers it’s forces ’til it screams out loud

with the wind that is blowing it around and around

over the mountains it bursts to the ground

With a loud clap of thunder and lightening as well

the storms and the clouds reflect the story to tell

along with the rainbows who’s colours refract

deep inside universal mirrors all natures exact

Not one being first not one being last

the past is the future the present has past

they split the atom and dropped the bomb

the earth will fight back before it is gone.


© 2020, All rights reserved.

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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet