The Shadow in the Mirror

The Shadow in the Mirror

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a very long long time ago
I was born in a Sydney morgue
an unwanted one of the collective
the stolen generation of the borg

My childhood was happy
but that’s where it stopped
that track up the middle
on the other side I hopped


there started a full lifetime
of so much misery and pain
now I can tell you one ting
I would never do it again

over many years I’ve cried
all the oceans full of tears
I lived with aching heartache
that stretched on for many years

I didn’t want lots of money
a big house nor fancy cars
I kept my heartbeat hoping
and wished upon many stars

but the blows kept on coming
no matter how much I grew
knowledge didn’t stop bleeding
blood and anguish seems my due

The men I loved and married
kicked me down time again
degration shame my heartache
I must have the mark of cain

They were supposed to love me
and honour me as their wife
instead their gifts of agony
laughter at me was sadly rife

I must of mistook the guidebook
on marriage love and honour too
had to of been reading backwards
poor me the universal fool

I don’t feel like i belong here
the pain has gotten way to much
there is no joy chasing rainbows
murky blackness results all I touch

I tried so much to hold onto hope
but hope withered along with love
and then one day I woke up bright
as life gave yet another shove

a dream turned into a nightmare
of fractured broken pieces everywhere
No use to stop and gather them up
the pain has got too much to bear


no one cares and no one listens
their life is one important rush
as i stopped to smell the roses
my heart got squashed in all the crush

I nearly loved the first the capricornman
but he turned away and called me useless
said I lied the day my sister died
ignored my cries it was so ruthless

Aries man my mars i married
the first love I was his wife
beat me senseless day after day
I escaped barely with my life

I had to love the children
he left me and went on the run
my baby was just three months old
no time for me nor having fun

I met the third the piscesman
no-one eviler will ever you meet
I never ever actually loved him
horrid dark red current was his treat

He conned me from the very start
with magic tricks and sleight of hand
but then three children later
daily a cunt i took a stand

I moved back home near mum and dad
six children around my feet
I did my best the days got bright
he came armed with cash and deceit

they took my kids at gunpoint
three feds all pointed guns at me
dropped to ground I screamed so loud
of desolate dispair I was never free

So began the mammoth law case
in lady justice’s juristiction
I never lied I told all truth
hold fast my motto and conviction

piscesman paid for his victory
by secrets from black mount central control
of GIOTTO data download and current numbing
can’t win with him on the gov payroll

In the middle I met my cancerman
my blue blood royal lyon king
I let him in my heart beat strong
gave with love an irish claddagh ring


The love i felt was instant
his bright blue looked into my tawny eyes
The zap the jolt the golden days
I was fooled again with many lies

Cancerman didn’t seem to like me
he didn’t want to share the light
shut up Magi he used to tell me
in front of everyone he used his might

But current love was always in us
a magnetic force of unbroken will
he always told me what I did wrong
and yet his touch was such a thrill

But the story of kings and emperors
starts and goes along the male lion
ever since the time of babylon
female chained no power no magnetic sign


So he had to show his followers
divine and right he saw as strong
spirit tied with lies and innuendoes
and wondering whatever I did so wrong

pushed to the back of everything
last of thought to stand in line
keeping hope within the heart
forgiveness holding it in a shrine

I havent seen my little ones
or watched them grow for years
it just adds up on all my heartaches
and contributes to buckets full of tears

every time I steel my heart
to go and face about my day
he comes and says he misses me
but always again there is that betray


I caught the lie he told to me
he borrowed my money and went away
camping in the country side
turned out was undressers special day

That broke my trust why not the truth
I didn’t care about it anyway
but easy cushioning falsehood lies
beat the perfect truth everyday

I still held hope fading in my hands
but I always gave it one more chance
for the current of love to flow
and begin the dance to shine together

But there comes a day when hope is lost
I never thought this day would come
I was busy stupidly blinkered fooling on
and its gone way past comfortably numb

There is nothing left inside of me
an empty shell of discarded dirt
I wasn’t meant to be born on earth
I wish my disaster I could avert

I hear I now have an eternal life
pray tell what use is it to me
I’d much rather go way back in time
never born my heart would go free



I cant go in with this much pain
the bucket has finally overflowed
no hope no heart just blackness left
decayed and shattered like acidic corrode

The people don’t want me here at all
cancerman showed me the truth of that
I have to say of this I too agree
no heartbeat flowing now its gone flat

I think they call it evolution
aeons passing by time like winds
The mother father eras gone by
The extra time given I now rescind

It was never about the king or queen
it was together that they would shine
mankind was given every chance
but your failure is the given ligne


I don’t want to be here on earth anymore
I really hate the world that you live
of falseness lies and unhappiness
I only hold truth as my gift to give

Humanity is scared of me
they are not ready for the truth
and to tell the truth to you myself
I find humanity is way to uncouth

You prefer to live in the bubble
of reassuring cushioning lies
you find my honesty an inconvenient truth
the realization of I have become wise



So from now I will be a shadow,
a dream you once had that disrupted you
something for you to laugh with those mates
who never to you will be true




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