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Written 2008 first published on myspace before Rupert Murdoch bought it and tore it down to shut us up and to shut out any opposition to MAINSTEAM Media

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Last week I touched on the story of the polygamist compound raid in texas that has seemingly polarized the world


I found I have more to say on this matter. SO I decided to blog it today and open some discussion.


These bad men were caught and stopped from violently raping and beating their many wives. Children were being raped and impregnated and held against their will. The authorities did a great job in bringing these freaks down.

Is that how you saw it?
Yes that is the way it has been presented but after watching it all over the past week some questions are starting to raise in my head. Lots of them. mainly about the wrongs and rights of the whole shemozzle.

On the surface, in the eyes of men and women in America today, these women and children are supressed and abused and living an attrcious life.

But are they? Or are we judging these people to our own social standards?

There is some “issues” I have with the whole debarcle.

In the 90’s there was another Texan cult. The name David Koresch still to this day sends fear into the hearts of people around the world and the whispered word “cult” soon gets bandied around. In 1996 tanks, armed gunmen, helicopters and army all invaded the Waco compound and within 30 minutes there was over 100 dead. At first everyone bought the justification for the raid but soon things emerged that were not quite right. Mistakes were made. fatal ones.

Now we have the armed commando raid on this polygamy compound.

Polygamy right or wrong. Firstly I am not a polygamist. I don’t think I could be because I like to know my man’s heart belongs to me and our children and that if crunch time came he would be standing behind me all of the way. But that is just me. Today as a species we have moved that far from all that is natural that  WE HAVE FORGOTTEN what is natural to us. We have forgotten instinct and what is right.

I am not saying that polygamy is the way to go for the human race but lets look at natural selection for a minute here. It is all around you in nature. The survival of the fittest, only the strongest genes carry through. The fight for alpha status in the tribe and the right to “have the women”. In the kangaroo population and I know the same goes for lions in Africa, there are large amounts of juvenile rogue wanderers. The alpha male gets his pride of females and the juvenile males are cast out to fight amongst themselves for supremecy and they wander, to find an eventual mate.

Human’s used to do this too but then something happened. Oh yes I can hear you saying it now. Humans became “civilized”. Citizen, civilian, servitude, servant slave. Oh that right. yes we became controlled.

So when we look at nature we can see that polygamy is a natural occurrence to ensure the survival of the fittest. Ok then, so who told us this was wrong, Oh that’s right, the bible, the same book that tells us to treat women as chattels (Christianity is the ultimate patriarchal religion and sun/son fire male worshiper), it also tells us that homosexuals should be killed and I could go on with the crap that was written because of that control. So I should listen to this book that incites hatred should I or should I listen to the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.. and a little thing called LOVE.

Who are we to judge how these people live their lives? Who are we to take their children. Who are we to tell them the way they are living is wrong.

Can you say glasshouse and humungous rocks.. boulders in fact………

Lets look at the dirty side of the coin. These people work hard, they “slave” away in garden to acheive self sufficiency for their families. Their children are alongside them. We slave away in concrete office block, working our lives for the man and ignoring our children, leaving them to school and day centres to raise.

They produce their own food. Pure and natural and not a drain on system. We produce GM toxin enriched foods that are slowly or fastly destroying our planet and food chain. We buy hormonal chicken and feed on MacDonalds and other assorted fast foods. They live in a quiet peaceful society, relative free of crime. We live in a greedy 7 deadly sins society of anything goes that is full of dangers to us and children.

They have great access to health care. Many have glasses and braces on teeth. They are warm and surrounded by love.

These people have seen the evils in society today and chosen to live apart form it. They see that mankind has sown the seeds for his own destruction and so they have prepared themselves to be an enclosed unit. If this so called dreded bird flu sweeps our countries. Who has more chance of survival. Will you have a better chance in the middle of a big city or town fighting for medical help, fighting for food and water, surrounded by greed. Or these people who have lovingly prepared themselves for such an eventuality. And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a far fetched analogy. in 22 article I pulled up on the bird flu in 2006, every single one of them had the exact same line in it. Scientist have FEARS and WARN that the bird flu will mutate into a DEADLY PANDEMIC. wow all thsoe fears.. can you image the chaos when it starts.

These peple wear funny dresses. Have you seen a goth or an emo lately? I actually admired the pastel colors and the neat clean and tidy appearance of the families.


They share a husband. Well lets get down to this. I’ve spoken to polygamists and read and watched many things over the years in my efforts to understand. From a woman’s point of view. She shares chores, instead of herself doing everything, those household tasks are shared, in company, the child minding is shared. Then there is the company and the support. Women need to have their “girls”, someone to talk to, share fears, comfort them and to support them in areas that men’s brains are just not wired for. The support and friendship between polygamist wives is incredible. They are closer than sisters. They care only about the family. The whole family. That is their gig in life. Their family.

and lets face it girls… you know those nights that you have a headache? ..No such worry.. no pestering with the woodpecker in the back all night..

In any culture you have rogue elements. Especially ones that can infiltrate such an oganization and use or be used by others. Our own chaotic and deviant society full of crimes drugs and abusers infects the very air these people breathe. So even if they choose o live away from society, they have no choice but to face societies consequences. They will get freaks and oddballs trying to join for their own agenda.

It brings me to mind the witch trials and religious persecution of the early centuries. Burn them. Kill them, they are different.

Are we going to raid nudist camps next and take their kids?

So everyone cries out “but there was an allegation of abuse”

When an organization becomes to big and independant for their boots and starts having people listen to them and achieve some independance from the system a campaign is started, to destory credibility and to give a ‘reason” for the takeover and bringing down of independance. How easy would it be, to slip someone next to a known sex offender and have him whisper in his ear about this magic place where he could have 4 or 5 young women all at once. Zap, dude wouldn’t even ask questions except for directions before he would be off like a shot. Done deed, let nature take its course and two years later a whispered phone call alleging abuse of a girl who has since not been found, is all the excuse you need.

Until 1830 or so the legal age of consent in England was 13. There are still many nations where the age of consent is that low. Do we run in with commando raids to those countries and take over with guns and take the children  oh wait we used missionaries for that.. cos the bible told us so….do we march in and tell them they are living wrong, they should live like us in concrete jungles, with artificial food, shitty health services, crimes, drugs, divorce, abuse and *sigh……… yeah……

50 years ago in Australia we had the stolen generation of Australians. A whole generation of aboriginal babies taken from their mothers and placed with white families because they had a bit of white in them. (well hey, I have a bit of black in me, does it make it right for aboriginals to take my children and return them to the tribe? tit for tat). It was done because society said it was wrong for those children to live with their families, it was wrong for white children to live with black families. It destroyed a generation.

Today the government says sorry it was wrong.. small peace of mind for the stolen ones

40 years ago babies were taken from single mothers and adopted out. The mothers were told it was wrong, that it was a sin, that it was a crime. Another generation destroyed. Those children didn’t get an apology.. unlikely they ever will.. they just see the confusion of a society that accepts and condones and encourages in some areas what they were cast out for at birth.

You see as many readers know I was one of those children, taken from my mother who was 18. SHe was told it was a sin to have me and not be married. I was taken from her arms and adopted into a nice christian family and led to believe all my live as a child that my mother had sinned. I was that much of a shameful sin that i wasn’t even afforded the luxury of a labour ward and maternity ward. No I was born behind a sheet to hide me from the surrounding dead bodies, in a morgue. The shame of my birth was that great that I was bought into life in the bowels of death. Can you imagine how I felt as a single mother of 19 holding my fuzzball of a baby daughter in my arms for the first time? The first ever touch and bond with anything of my blood? The thoughts of how someone could have their baby taken away…..

I grew up asking why. Why was I so bad and so sinful that no one wanted me. I grew up to find out I was stolen so in turn their was someone else out there asking why was I taken from them. My brother is a wonderful person. He has a great job, a beautiful fiancee, a baby on the way, a new home and a gentle nature…. he is loved and adored by his mother, they are very close, they talk everyday and the bond betwen them is incredible…. his mother, our mother should be proud of him and she is. Don’t get me wrong. I adore my adoptive parents and worship the gorund they walk on, they have done so much for me.

I was judged before I was born and have been ever since. My life’s choices have never been conventional..they never were, how could they be when conventionality was ripped from my grasp with my first breath of air. It has given me something I am happy with. A perspective of looking at things form all sides…. not just the one that is being fed to me.. I can feed myself and prefer a fork to a spoon.

I guess what I am saying is .. you have listened to the media blitz on these 400 or so children and yes the trial will be the best circus I’ve watched for many years. You have seen that nice lady saying how she had taken custody of all those children to foster them out and go to court. Those children were taken from their parents by the government because they were different. What was wrong with going in and working with these people. Oh we have heard that there is something going on here.. ra ra…

No we had to have the “phonecall” the “excuse” the “media circus” and justification. This sends a message to the people .. hmm is it a good one or is it fear? I hope you have looked at the photos I have put here and I hope you have looked at the other side of this coin and the implications of the loss of freedom. No I do not condone abuse. There is abuse everywhere. If one child is abused in a daycare centre are all the children taken from their mothers?

This is abuse.



This sure looks like love to me.??



The women in these pictures have all had their children taken from them

Do you think they should have had their children taken from them and custody given to the state so fast?

Are they wrong in living how they do?

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