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New Life

When new life is born
with natures birth into light
the shadows are fading
from the remnants of night.

The colours of sunrise
that stream through the sky
herald the new day
as time slowly ticks by.

With the bright shine of morning
a new freshness surrounds
The mountains seem greener
with concrete all-round.

The wind blows the trees
as nature stirs from its sleep
life starts to rush
there’s appointments to keep.

As the sun travels higher
warming the earth with its heat
there’s no time for reflection
wondering why the heart beats.

There are white puffs of clouds
floating high up above
they are signs of the rains
natures teardrops of Love.

Birds fly high on the horizon
soaring down low over land
we don’t stop and smell the roses
stresses of life come with demands

somewhere inside is the balance
of really living in the dream
life is only what you make it
and its not always how it seems




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