Ape of Thoth by Jeremy Twiss


The Great Work

Truth in Art on So Many Levels


One thing that fascinates me is enjoying other peoples work especially the artists of the Aeon and their beautiful Great Work. I saw this one and immediately was drawn to the imagery and symbolistic outlook within. So my own fingers itched to take Jeremy’s Image and to Horver it as I knew I was looking at truth and there were so many layers to his work of beauty.

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Our political rhetoric applied to the writings of Aleister is like the Ape of Thoth which mimics the behavior of the Ibis-headed One.
“Tradition has it that the Magus is followed by the Ape of Thoth, who ensures that all his words will be misunderstood. The Word, once the pure expression of a Cosmic Mystery, has now become trapped in a thicket of its own ramifications and reifications. Like all contingent phenomena, it is ultimately impermanent and unsatisfactory.” -from the internet
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Magi – So I horvered Jeremy’s Image for the first layers horizontally


and wow, I sat back in amazement. I was seeing the spirit that we call God in Jeremy’s art. Pure and beautiful truth. When flipped horizontally the ape is holding his mirror images hands, but not the same hand, the other hand and behind in the centre a doorway appears. There is much more symbolism and I am sure you will see your own interpretation of a special and very talented creative Thelemites Great Work.

It doesn’t stop there. The Hor (Horizontal flip) has been done so now on to the Ver (Vertical Flip) By now I was very excited to see what would be revealed on the layers beneath behind and in Jeremy’s work.


Oh My, the shivers ran up my spine the first thing I saw was the 69 on the ape, the yin and the yang. You didn’t see that before, because it was hidden behind the work and Jeremy did not consciously decide to paint 69 but God Did, the universe did. The doorway opens up with depth to another place. What do you see.??


and now on to the 3 flip (sideways) to see what is revealed


and oh look a hawk appears



So by now it was with great Joy that I made the next move, the fourth move to Square the Ape of Thoth



and what do you know.. Jeremy has rebuilt the temple and revealed the entrance

If your heart is pure you may enter


*mind you I disagree with The Internet story Slightly Crowley was the ape of Thoth to be followed by the Magus that holds the key to it all to reveal the all to Humanity before it is to late.


Mirror mirror on the wall

who is the faerest of us all
the truth are we
in the clouds that you don’t see
the balance of fire and water
not electricity.

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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet