Alone in the dark, Alone with your thoughts
overcome with deep feelings of dread
all of your hope and all of your fears
are flowing randomly in your head

Searching for courage, the spark that’s inside
to stand up and face what the fates bring
suppressing inside the need to be free
as slowly the voice stops to sing

When you finally stand up and step on to the future
from the tears that are all done and all cried
facing the fears of all that is unknown
that takes courage born of blood and of pride

The book of today has already been written
the pages are numbered with the years of your life
it’s signed in your blood and then sealed with the law
ready to cut through your soul like a knife

The torches of knowledge that light up the way
will help guide you to take one step more
the light may grow dim and flicker about
but the spirit comes from deep in the core

Look deep in the mirror at you staring out
you see time etched and marked on your face
innocence gone from those eyes that now turn away
a knowing deep faraway look in it’s place

Another day older there’s no turning back
no changing the past with a pen
the lesson is learned reaction to action
but is it too late for deep wounds to mend

A red dawn breaks out from under the darkness
nature waits for a new day to begin
consciousness wake and stirs from it’s sleep
the world has turned on it’s axis again


Mayet 2010

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