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Easter Time On Myspace (2008)

It is Easter time on Myspace and frankly no one gives a phuck the’re off watching all the drama that is surrounding Nip/tuck Rotten Rob is up in Alaska living with the polar bears he hosts the north pole bloggers meets and shows off all his photoshopped wares Caroline is down at the courthouse lodging legal documents she may…

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Kiss and Crushes

First published Myspace 2009   I received a bulletin this morning on myspace from one of my anti Iraq war friends. I opened the bulletin cautiously because i am used to his 9/11 video links and Anti Bush stuff but I nearly cried when I saw it say this. To quote ==================================== It’s a sad day for KISS fans……

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It’s all about Me

Me Mayet MArgarETruth, Magi, Maggie, Shutup Magi     Poetry is the music of the written word that touches the ears and soul in a rhythm and movement that undulates and waves in a way that is pleasing and moving to the senses. Good poetry will move you in time and space. You will feel it inside of you…

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RIP Munch you brought smiles to people all over the world your happiness and funny personality is a legacy that lives on eternally MySpace Blogoshere 2008. To my readers.. yeah Im wicked at times……. but …it’s me. I wrote this one the other day for Jersey Girl and Munch. Yes Munch you handsome devil, you inspired this little ditty….

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Christmas Spirit

It is hard for me to find the Christmas Spirit this year. I am sorry for neglecting my Santa duties here on myspace but life got in the way in the form of my children being sacrificed for everyone else’s intents and purposes. Unfortunately there is some things I can’t blog about publicly at present. I am sorry I…

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True Blue

I have often been asked about my wicked sense of humor and fun and where it came from. Many of you will know about my Dear old Dad and the rolling pin so you can guess where much of it comes from but it is more than that. It is a cultural and nationwide way of looking at life…

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Melancholy Memories

When I was a little kid, I kinda had this problem The room is sterile. In the centre of the room stands the cold steel mechanical outline of a bed, surrounded by three uncomfortable hard seats and four stark white walls. The aroma of disinfectant and bleach hangs heavy in the room, cloying the senses with the chemical smells….

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