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The Truth and What Lies Behind -Joe


some people are just cruel for no other reason than they are simply cruel people. some people are just cruel for no other reason than they are simply cruel people. I was in kmart yesterday shopping , kahleah walked over to the makeup shop cosmetics plus and she came back but couldn’t see me so she decided to ring…

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April Fool

We all know April Fools day exists and some of us even look forward to it with great relish each year, often spending quite some time and resources with their annual “prank. But where does April Fools Day come from What is it’s meaning and why do we have it. Well that’s the problem. There is no documented history…

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The Truth About Bullies

The Truth About Bullies This video was taken in 2008, when Kiralea was 12 and in sixth grade. This video is the reason her mother began home educating her. One day she came home from school and began banging her head on her wardrobe, screaming and crying in anguish. Her mother asked her what was the matter and she…

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UFO Mystery 1966

IN 1966 over 300 children and staff from a Melbourne school reportedly witnessed multiple UFOs silently flying through the sky before landing in a nearby field. It is the largest mass UFO sighting in Australia yet hardly anything was reported on it at the time. Over the years there have been differing reports about the exact details of what…

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Alien Mineral Found In Meteorite

RUSSIAN gold prospectors thought they had struck it rich. On the ground before them was a yellow-specked 3.96kg lump of metal. It ended up being far more valuable. It was a meteorite. It had only recently tumbled out of the sky. Most of it was pretty ordinary for a meteorite: an alloy called kamacite made up of molten iron…

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Meteor Explosion Lights Up Australian Skies 5.8.2018

Meteor Explosion Lights Up Australian Skies Hundreds of people across New South Wales and Victoria have reported seeing a large meteor streak across the sky. People from the NSW north coast and south to Gippsland in Victoria saw the flash of light move across the sky for several seconds at about 6:30pm on Saturday, with some reports that it…

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