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Truth 2018

I am great but I cannot sit by and see the children of this world crushed by a false reality. I cannot sit by and watch the worship of the dollar. I cannot sit by and watch the destruction of women by man. I cannot sit by and watch the lust and greed and envy by a world that…

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Unicorn of Nuit

Unicorns Creation of Kiralea 11 As a Unicorn waits for the first light of dawn fairies of pegasus create magic of light to be born The mermaids wake in the great lake of mine Leprochauns and pixies dance over the garden of time The Unicorns stand for the day’s first light The Princess  awakens in beautiful sight as as…

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Maat Ma’et Mayet

Maat return to Home Page or move on to Goddess Mahavidya, next chronologically, or use Her Cyclopedia IndexMaat, Truth. M1*T Alternate meanings: Justice, Law. Geography/Culture: Egyptian. Linguistic Note: the fundamental idea of the word is ‘straight’, and from the Egyptian texts it is clear that it meant ‘right, true, truth, real, genuine, upright, righteous, just, steadfast, unalterable’,…

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Alpha and Omega

    Knowledge Logos Feasts of the Times: A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride Questions taken from Scene IV   Today is all about the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the End. Knowing and not knowing with everything in between. Sometimes the end is not the beginning sometimes the end is just the…

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Introducing Mayet – Regarding Poetry

Introducing Mayet. Poetry is the music of the written word that touches the ears and soul in a rhythm and movement that undulates and waves serpent like, in a way that is pleasing, smooth and moving within the senses. Good poetry will roar and move you in time and space. You will feel it inside of you bringing a…

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Dealing With Lies and False People

Dealing With Lies and False People?   A simple spell For every lie the mouth do spoken or abhorrent hate in your focused thought boomerangs the mirror nine times quicker you will feel the pain which had it caught       the energy that was sent to me is most unwelcome here to play return it now straight…

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The Rivers of Babalon The Great Mother.

Katina Olsen I was told stories of land, the sky and the feminine connections. One is the story of the Bunya Mountains and Namu; the mountain, her breast and the mother’s milk, the Bunya nut. The Wakka Wakka people would travel to the Bunya Mountains to feast on the Bunya nut when they were in season. Many people from…

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The 6 Questions that Created the Universe

      The Endless Eternal Questions of creation. Y, Who What When Where How. The Why is both first and last question and is the main igniter of endlessly more Universes. If someone walked up to you in the street and slapped you, what would be your first question to them. You can exclude five of the above…

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