Cathy – The Heir Who Was Meant to Be the Mother – Born 31 07 1963 Killed 16 11 1988

I often look at Cathy’s Chart and wonder if the signs were there. if there was an indication of that which was to come.

There is a couple of things I see

Neptune 12 Degrees Scorpio – Hanged Man


Uranus 03 degrees Virgo – Empress (virgin Mother) Conjunct with
Pluto 10 Degrees Virgo The Wheel turns
Saturn is retrograde 20 Degrees Aquarius The Aeon.



Cathy Death Day 16 November 1988


Interesting indeed now we have Pluto 12 degrees Hanged Man Scorpio conjunct with
Mercury 14 Degrees Art  Scorpio
with the Sun 23 Degrees Scorpio
23 Po Splitting Apart  –  It does not further one to go anywhere.

Jupiter Retrograde 02 degrees Priestess Gemini
Mars 02 Degrees Aries