Easter Time On Myspace (2008)

It is Easter time on Myspace
and frankly no one gives a phuck
the’re off watching all the drama
that is surrounding Nip/tuck

Rotten Rob is up in Alaska
living with the polar bears
he hosts the north pole bloggers meets
and shows off all his photoshopped wares

Caroline is down at the courthouse
lodging legal documents
she may not have many dollars
but she certainly has got some sense

Tommy Blaze is in the studio
recording his latest comedy show
I wish I could go to see him
But its way to far for me to go

Crabby is busy being deleted
or doing all the deleting himself
and then he sneaks back in again
like a commando switched on stealth

Sarah’s dippity in dots again
Allison is on the rum with Jude
all the guys are perving on
I think its very very rude

Deana’s boobies are off visiting
peoples pages all on their very own
you know things like this wouldn’t happen
if her big girl bra’s were all hand sown

Johnny Udaho is out talking
and he’s off visiting cat zen space
They are drinking top shelf scotch and ice
and getting very much off their face

Mrs Claytons shining the silver
for an easter party high tea
becareful of the gatecrashers
they all are wanting somethng for free

The Poodley one is off visiting
the posh poodle parlour vet
they’ll clip her nails and do her hair
she makes a very poodley pet

The beasty boy is singing
and jamming on his drum
I’m sure it makes his dick go hard
just sitting there on his bum

Christine is off somewhere with Michael
I think they are polishing up their ring
did you know that they will be married soon
I bet she will be wearing lots of bling

I haven’t seen much of Coco
or lovely Madame Quita too
Maybe they are off somewhere together
and bitten off more than they can chew

Ruby’s on the blog talk radio
talking hip with miss lala
Kit kat is handing out the chocolate
Clark is listening to the blog hoo ha

Alice is dreaming dreams of Blunderland
and all that it contains within
don’t worry about the nasty phone calls
the caller belongs inside a smelly bin

Aero and Becki fight over bacon
over on The Jolly Mullets blog
all that pornographic piggery
makes a woody bunny want a flog

Mikes playing jedi warriors
and fighting raging christian men
I think the lions side is winning
the war of words and the poisoned pen

Chaddie is out in Lisa’s closet
trying on all those pink heeled shoes
there is so many styles and colors
which ones are a boy to choose


Jabs is out in front of the mirror
practising all his radio show lines
Im sure the phones will be silent
He is bound to have a heap of time

Gabbi’s off somewhere with Casey
and Gina’s blogging as a man
I heard that Sandie changed as well
and she even stood up on the can

Munch is chasing all the ladies
and lamenting older football games
he is what you call a footy fan
he knows the players by first names

Angelheartz is counting numbers
for the top ten blogs of this myspace
you know that if you not included
your not that known around this place

Harriet is thinking that she’s hateful
but she has got a real cute bum
Marge is soaking in palmolive
and Nicoles is playing with her gun

Deonne’s is whistling in the willows
and trying on her come fuck me boots
you got to love those stilletto heels
they make her look trim around her glutes

Momma Rose is out in Texas
with her handsome young strapping lads
I wouldn’t want to be mean to her
With those sons to deal with all the cads

Doug is busy at the hairdressers
he is trying on many wigs
it makes his ego lionlike
and ready to go off hunting pigs

Captain Josie’s sailing pirate ships
with an Awsome young one alongside
One of them is Australian
the other a body to hot to hide

PQ’s off chasing rollercoasters
and all the good fun bits in life
the girl is all of beans and hormones
and she is often knee deep in strife

Barbara’s busy with the camera  RIP Barbara <3
when nip moves out of the way
she really loves that front angle
and will pose for it all day

Sly has been arrested
They thought she been up to smoking pot
godamn it was such a great party
its a crying shame it had to stop

Chell is off to visit London
and I’m sure she’ll see the queen
and although she knows she made of wax
she has fulfilled yet another dream

Kat is confusing me as always
there is two of them around here
so forgive me if I get fuddled
but from both of you i like to hear

Lorrie is out in the counting house
counting all those star search votes
Stone Bryson was the winner
he deserves to have a little gloat

Jersey Girl is the original fokstar
she is friends with Doctor Debutante
everytime they enter the blogwars
they always type in a much larger font

Doc Merrkin’s out on his motorbike
off visiting Rick in big new york
Wolfie is the gracious host
and shes cooking up roast pork

Stephanies doling out to lovestrucks
scattered all around the land
shes telling them all about life
and how boys are not so grand

Rav’s chasing ginger puddytats
from underneath his sheeted bed
but you can guarantee no pussy
on the one who gives him head

Nurse Ratchet is planning adventures
I think shes off to visit Kate
for meets and drunken parties
I’m sure they’ll end up lifelong mates

Kimberley is writing her name out
it is a really long for that you know
by the time you finish the first part
it’s not riding ass that is gonna blow

Basil is blogging naked
and cheating his way around
he is fooling all those women
the word is out in mypsace town

Trixi’s off playing Miss McBimbo
Though I heard she’s really smart
always surrounded by the drama
and protected by a big red heart

Elfies showing off that tummy
and those wonderful lady abs
all the women get so jealous
elfie’s sore from the backstabs

Shirtless John is chasing jessica
and working out in the muscles gym
I’m sure that they will be playing games
when those nightlights go down dim

Joko is playing his ukelele
and staying up all night
he knows that in the morning
his eyes won’t open without a fight

Winky’s sexing up the photographer
out in old Las vegas way
watch out for Valerie Vodka
for in that area she likes to play

Dawn’s screaming at the school system
they have really let her down
fiona’s smiling over in England
Katrina’s show is on downtown

Arris is over chasing rainbows
and blogging issues to be aware
she entered melias rack contest
and all agree she has a nice pair

Eric brooks is in the photoshop
banging away next door to oz
you never know what they will do next
but be sure it will reach top pos

Mantana is being a big dickhead
but there’s nothing new in that
I heard he’s really stupid
and hangs off silent nation’s fat

Damn girl is swearing at the heavens
and crying damn this silly world
don’t fret about the haters
in cyberspace that you have hurled

Rosewine is conjuring up some poetry
Jodi may just enter it once again
who will win the month of March
the waiting drives them all insane

Yvonne and Linda are chasing puppies
I think Mikey needs a bath you know
the one thing about those furballs
is the rate that they bloody grow

Token is out assassinating characters
I hear his got a big freaking gun
just don’t go on out goin postal
stick around we will have some fun

Bobby is recording all his past sins     RIP Bobby <3
with Lec and Luna hanging to his word
you know that when you get to know him
he really isn’t such a turd

Snickles gritzing up the boardwalk
and waltzing off with rotten rob
anthro’s in new york with susan
RFA and Mish are crying about a Sob

Trippers locked away in prison
I know that easter visits there
this bunny sends to you a playboy
a sweet eyed blonde with a double pair

and Mayet is way downunder
writing all this shit you see
You know now that this ole bunny
is nothing without little ole me

I’m busy thinking all of my dittys
in the hope you will get a laugh
the last thing you want this easter
is for me to make you wanna barf

and then there is all the commentators
of this myspace world of ours
I hope you know that without you all
we might as well be out milking cows

This Easter is for all of you
there is too many of you to name
I hope your wishes all come true
and you live a life of fortune and fame

Now we are nearing to my ending
and if I have forgotten you
know within my little beating heart
I love you all I really do

So if you think this is silly
Frankly I don’t give a fuck
you don’t always have to read me
there’s the classic faux king Mr Buck

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