Faerie Elemental

What are Faeries?

Few words are as evocative to the magically or imaginatively minded as that of Faerie, and faeries. Beings of wonder and enchantment, beauty and peril, faeries are known throughout the world by many names, as magical beings who live close to our world, but mysteriously are not part of it. They go by many descriptions and have many regional characteristics, but in Britain and Ireland they are known mostly as faeries, the Sidhe, the gentry, the shining ones, and in later folklore, the dismissive title of ‘the little people’, in an attempt to play down their power and importance to a critical clergy. Living close to our human realm, faeries are beings of spirit, whose use of physical forms is akin to our use of clothes; they can and often do move in and out of different appearances at will for a variety of reasons. However, one defining characteristic which remains apparent from human contact with them is the distinct feeling or sensation their presence produces. It can be described as ‘heady’ or ‘intense’ but can also produce feelings of euphoria and spiritual, even physical ecstasy. Yet it is also unique from the sensations caused by other spiritual encounters. The touch of Faerie once felt, often has profound effects on the psyche and the person’s energy field, evoking great yearning and longing to experience it once again. Several times it has been described to me by my faerie allies as being due to the fact that their energy signatures vibrate at a very different, and yet compatible rate to ours, and their proximity to us causes our energy fields to subtly, and sometimes dramatically alter, opening up whole new vistas of awareness for us to experience.

Faeries are intimately connected to the soul of our planet, and they draw in and direct energy straight from Source/ God/Goddess, as it manifests as the earths spiritual heart. This can sometimes lead to confusion between what could strictly be called faeries, and the wider races of nature spirits which abound across every inch of our earth. This connection to the earth has also lead various schools of  New Age thought and monotheistic religion to place faeries in a of hierarchical view of the universe, as some sort of lesser, or even ‘fallen’ angel, and sometimes reducing them to tiny childlike beings of Disney-land style fantasy. But genuine encounters with Faerie show no such correlation.


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