Five Princesses


Once upon a time five little princess were sitting in the grass making daisy chains out of sweet smelling flowers. They were talking about what they wanted to do and be when they grew up.



The first little girl said she wanted a bright red Sports car and the biggest palace in the entire kingdom. The girls all sighed as they dreamed about the glittering castle with the bright shiny car parked outside framed by a magnificent garden and ornate golden draperies in the crystal windows.



The second little girl said she wanted to be the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom and have the most beautiful boy in the kingdom fall deeply in love with her and sweep her off to his palace, which incidentally, while not quite as big as the first little girls shining example of a palace, would certainly be big enough for an army to reside in. The other little girls all ooh’ed and ah’ed as they dreamed of the handsome prince riding up to sweep their little friend off her feet and take her away to the land of happily ever after.



The third little girl said she wanted to be a star and have every one in the kingdom adore her and love her. The other little girls excitedly thought of fame and fortunes and signing autographs for worshipping adorers.




The fourth little girl said that she wanted to rule the world and have slaves and minions at her beck and call. The other girl’s eyes all sparkled as they imagined maids in starched linen uniforms, wheeling silver service trays full of delectable temptations and handsome men offering their friend riches beyond their wildest dreams.



The four little girls then turned to the fifth little girl and waited expectantly to hear what her dream was.


“I want to be wise” said the fifth little girl timidly.

There was silence. The only audible sound was the steady drone of the bottle green blowflies gathering and buzzing around four little mouths that had by now fallen gapingly open in shock from their little friend’s rather startling news.

And then they laughed… and laughed…… and laughed at the fifth little girl until the tears welled painfully in her eyes. Then they laughed some more.


The fifth little girl scrambled up from the ground, wiping the hot tears away on her sleeve that were pouring down her face as she took one last glance down at the beautiful flowers in her hand. She turned and tossed them to the wind and then she ran home as fast as her pudgy little fat legs would take her.



When the little girl arrived home she ran into the bedroom and slammed the door hard. Walking sadly up to the dresser, she sat down and stared at herself in the mirror. She picked her music box up and turned the key before setting it back down on the dresser, the sounds of Puccini’s La Boheme now soothed her tortured soul. Glancing down at the remaining daisy chain entwined around her wrist, she slowly brought it to her face, nuzzling the tiny petals and drawing the sweet aroma deep inside her soul. She removed the flower chain carefully and gently placed it inside her music box before closing the mirrored lid, squashing the little pink ballerina who was to that point dancing merrily around on the miniature dance floor, happy, bright and beautiful. The music stopped, sending silence to reverberate around the walls like a dark shadow.


The silence grew. She never told anyone her dreams again. She kept them locked deep within her heart along with that never forgotten daisy chain in the music box.

Her dreams were her hopes and she didn’t want to share them when there were so many of those four other little princesses just waiting with Schadenfraude in their hearts, to crush all hope that grew.

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