I have stated before that Crowleys Thoth cards when layered on top of each other at various levels of transparency show a truth that is not fully visible in singular cards. The combinations, pairings, triplicates and aeons show a story of what is. It reveals those answers to arguments, discussions, confusions and varied opposing interpretations of Crowley and Thoth as presenting the Universe’s work. That includes LAM.

Does one ever think that possibly, probably or certainly that LAM, who Crowley spoke of in 1918, would or would not be included in Crowley “opus magnum pictura poema mundo”? Just as he left codes behind in his written work, he left codes behind codes in his pictorial work, that directly confirms and affirms the libers of Thoth and at the same time revealing the truth of us, you, me, them.

I believe LAM to be the entrance and at the same time the all encompassing. The beginning and the all, there is no end. I believe that Lam is not a “being” in visible similarity to the picture of Crowleys GRAY. Lam fits into a bigger picture which reveals a bigger picture.

Does anyone think that maybe, possibly all future concepts from that point of “aliens beings” and modeled in the story of “the gooborg world”, by both gov and conspiracy ufo creators, possibly used Crowleys image is a model blueprint framework for their alien thingy and agenda. After all he was the wickedess man the world, what better way to subliminally create fear than by utilizing existing material.

I believe that when layered in the patterns and combinations that Crowley spoke of in his “magnum opus enim opera” of Thoth, the words become the picture and the picture become the words.

One can walk out of a room, through the doorway and go out to say the fridge and suffer doorway disease, once one is through that doorway, one forgets where one started from and why one is there. If steps are retraced and one looks around from the start beginning aspect, one can see visually, the pattern of what was before and what they were looking for to be and subsequently act to achieve their mission.

I only say believe, I believe I know and know what IAM I believe and therefore truth and one has to admit, LAM IAM is all over Thoth like a rash on a …..


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