Meteor Explosion Lights Up Australian Skies 5.8.2018

Meteor Explosion Lights Up Australian Skies

Hundreds of people across New South Wales and Victoria have reported seeing a large meteor streak across the sky.

People from the NSW north coast and south to Gippsland in Victoria saw the flash of light move across the sky for several seconds at about 6:30pm on Saturday, with some reports that it was red, green and blue in colour.

Amateur astronomer David Finlay said several hundred people across the state reported seeing the meteor, and people had posted dashcam vision to social media.

“It’s definitely a meteor. It’s not space junk, this isn’t a plane falling out of the sky, it’s not a UFO,” he said.

Just going by the speed and how this object is behaving, it’s a large meteor — a very large meteor.”

Mr Finlay said up to 700 people had joined his Facebook page, Australian Meteor Reports, since the sighting.
“I’m very confident that this meteor was large enough to survive to the ground,” he said.

“We’ve got hundreds [of sightings] already. “People are just going crazy, I can’t keep up with it. Reports are coming in by the second.”


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