Mystic Mayet Elemental Hexagrams

Elemental Hexagrams

While reading an article today on the Hermetic meanings of the Elemental hexagrams i was surprised when i found this paragraph.
“He that prudently draws the virtue out of the sol, and his shadow, shall obtain a great secret. Again, it is said, without sol and his shadow, no tinging virtue or power is generated. And whosoever is that shall endeavor to make a tinging or coloring tincture without these things, and by other means, he errs, and goes astray from truth, to his own hurt, loss, and detriment.” – Bacstrom’s Alchemical Anthology

This takes me back to 1992, when I was given the “Tarot of Marseilles”
I was in my room getting ready for work and I sat on the bed with the cards in one hand, With the other hand I reached over to turn the light switch on.
As my fingers connected and switched the light on, a tiny bluish stream went between my thumb (which was slightly raised, while my hand held the deck) and the card connecting both by the zap, right in the middle of The Sun’s face on the “Sun” Card.
Suddenly something shifted and changed, I was viewing everything in ultraviolet. My whole vision was tinged with purple. It was like I had switched consciousness and was viewing from another dimension. So beautiful. I felt so different. From that time and a bit before this event even, every time I cut the deck I would turn up “The Sun” card. Everytime………
I have never been able to repeat this awareness by accident but I have been able to transport myself back to the ultra violet vision by using the Crystal Focusing Exercise, which I have written out and put on the site.

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