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Number 2

The Number 2

written 1996


The Number Two as a key number shows a person with strong psychic intuition. Sometimes you know things before they happen and who is on the phone before it even rings. You are a very strong person emotionally and are a sensitive shoulder to cry on in a time of crisis. Number two’s are very sensitive, emotional people who are highly private. You have a personal side that you keep to yourself and few people will ever get to know this aspect of you. You like your mysterious aura that you have surrounding you, and you like to keep other’s guessing. You hurt easily and often have a heavy heart with the burden of your own and other’s pain, although this is well hidden behind that deep protective shield you have built around yourself. You have a love of people. You enjoy watching others and learning all about them inside and out, seeing what makes them tick. You have a knowledge and understanding of your fellow man and of nature that few people have. You are empathetic in your dealings with others but you have a tough no nonsense streak to your personality when required. Number  two’s are usually animal lovers of some description. You have the understanding that humans can hurt and be cruel but that animals only give what they get. You expect to receive that same deep love and affection that you give. You have a need for love and enjoy being in love. Loving another and being loved by another is important for your spiritual happiness. You are generous in your love, giving little surprises and gifts bring you joy. You are a great mediator in any dispute, able to empathize and see problems from both sides. You  have  sensitivity and tact and a calm peaceful aura that rubs off onto others, calming them down easily. You achieve success by taming the beast, realizing that to meet things head on like a bull at a gate gets you nowhere. You much prefer the soft approach to win friends instead of making enemies.
Often you will have inner turmoil over your sense of duty to society and your need to be free to do what makes your spirit happy. Only by balancing the two sides of your nature this can be achieved. You can anger quickly. The double side to your personality keeps it under control most times, although it can flare up alongside your strong sense of justice. Mostly though you are a very calm person. You have healing abilities with the power of water being a strong asset. Water cleans you spiritually and emotionally as well as your physical being. You will at times embellish the truth to protect others from pain and hurt rather than being blunt.

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