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Number 5

Having the number five as your key number shows that you are a unique and original person. Sometimes you may feel as if you don’t completely belong to this world and that you are very different from those around you. You have Psychic abilities in a raw form that works for you quite well, often unconsciously using these abilities in your day to day life. Sometimes you may wonder exactly what planet you come from. Material possessions  are of least importance for you and your search for inner happiness takes a front seat in your life. What is important to others is also of least importance to you. You are a deep thinker with a spiritual aura about you. You would be a good counselor for marriage guidance .  People seem to rely on you for spiritual guidance. You can see the answers to other people problems quite easily and you are a good mediator in any dispute as you can see both sides of the coin. You like to spend time alone with just yourself for company. You need time out for peace and solitude even though at other times you may like to be surrounded by other people. You enjoy the company of people that others find a bit odd but you have a way of understanding people which is a rare trait in life. You have a unique way of looking at life – a square peg does not fit in a round hole and this is you. You have an artistic streak in you and you would be a good designer with your unusual tastes in home and furnishings. You are great with children, able to empathize with them on a level not easily understood by most adults. You have a constant spiritual search for answers in life knowing that there is more to life than meets the eyes. You have a love of beauty and of colours mixing colours together that no – one else would dream of . You have a spiritual understanding of animals  and your sixth sense will draw animals to your personality. Elderly people also enjoy your company and you do not suffer fools gladly preferring to converse about important things, not useless drivel.Hobbies like gardening, reading and bush walking suit you as you need that time to yourself away from the hopelessness of mankind.

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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet
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