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Number 7

The Number 7

The fright and the terror
that creates all life’s tears
is born of religion
which creates all life’s fears.

Satanism or hatred
Christianity alike
all are just mirrors
on the scales of our psyches

Follow thy leader
all the rule books do say
obey and work hard
to earn a weeks pay

Day and day out
year after year
sleeping and working
’til the ending is near

Not having no time
nor energy for fun
living life bleak
the work never done

Creating suppression
of instinct and light
blinding the glory
of nature’s delight

Clouding the images
of the spirit called man
The soul put in chains
cross and nails in his hand

but whether the cross is upright
or spun in reverse
as you see from these lines
its mirrored its curse.

Good and evil are created
from fiction not fact
to explain it this way
is a matter of tact.

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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet
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