Should I

Should I blog or not to blog
is the big question here today
it is the question of all questions
that does puzzle little old may

Should I be out there and open
and speak out with clear cut words
or should I be just be quiet
and not ever even heard

Do i worry about the watchers
that keep track upon my life,
like the psycho who is Gutless
I feel much joy that no longer am I his wife

Do I sit here draped in silence
stoney faced without a Will
or dare I strive to be creative
Search for knowledge is the thrill

if I blog about what bothers me
and folks out there don’t agree
instead of understanding
they could reign hatred down on me

What if they just grab at snippets
instead of looking at it all
because unless you look at everything
the comprehension is kinda small

after having all this worrying
i decided just what I would do
I will write my blogs most faithfully
without caring just who will spew

I will write from deep within myself
and share my life in words
I’ll sit and take the consequence
instead of being never ever heard

So to you out there just judging
and spying upon my life
if you search around long enough
to be sure you’ll find the strife

But there is one thing about me
which you haven’t thought of still
that all my life in experiences
have given me a GREAT titanium will

while you are out there judging
I am watching you as well
and you are mostest welcome
to try and make my life hell

© 2019, All rights reserved.

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