A question on symbolism that i came across.

How long did it take you to make sense of the absolutely biggest mess of jibberish that is the symbolism and writing style in crowleys books, without needing to rely on the books with commentary? Such as Lons books. Did it take you a lifetime? Did joining a order help teach you?

After many years are you able to pickup a new liber that you’ve never read before and be able to say to yourself ” yup this makes 100% sense, I understand this


Symbolism is a pictograph of ideals, phrases, thoughts, sentences, themes, myths, fables, states of being, emotion, life lesson wrapped up in a visual package so abstract, so obtuse so oblique but yet so logical and right, whichever way you look at it, whatever view you see, whatever angel you are on.

what you see the first time, will only ever be expanded on with subsequent views, it will grow, add to and unfold like the rosey cross of the universe to tell you a story, an analogy, a way to remember what is.

Your interpretation the first time will always stay, but as you add to the story of knowledge of the particular symbol or pictograph your eyes will open to an expanding universe that is called knowing.

Why would you say that the symbolism and writing style mess is absolute Gibberish? That is a question more for you than for me.

Would it be perhaps that your mind is rebelling against opening up and understanding something? Would fear and what fears the environment of your history perhaps stops you taking the step you need to learn with a view to know the symbolism and reason behind it?

Maybe an idea would be that next time you are reading Crowley and that repellent thought comes to your mind of “this is a mess of gibberish and you recoil”, examine it, ask where that thought came from, what part of you is resistant to understanding. why won’t your mind accept something that one one level, you already know.

Is it perhaps not Crowleys work that is a biggest mess, perhaps your subconscious could be saying, hey our life is a mess, one one hand I want to grow and learn but on the other hand I have to do this, I have to be that, I have to conform. Maybe we need to get ourself in order and cast out that what we don’t want or need, to become the real person inside before we looks at the symbolism rationally and can open up to knew knowledge.

then again I might be wrong and have spent too much time being limitless and solitary with learning.

Ps so much still does not make sense, for most of us, we are all still searching for the answers, we are all students.

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