The 6 Questions that Created the Universe




The Endless Eternal Questions of creation. Y, Who What When Where How.

The Why is both first and last question and is the main igniter of endlessly more Universes.

If someone walked up to you in the street and slapped you, what would be your first question to them. You can exclude five of the above because the answer for 99 out of a hundred people would be WHY did you do that, we know who what when where and how, even if we don’t know all of it. I certainly wouldn’t recover from the slap with a quick “what is your name” or “where did you come from?

As the slappee answers those other five questions, the ultimate thought will always go back to Y …..Why did you do that ??? “the God Particle”

God is not a GOD as such, there is no allmighty being over all others.

The answer though, is seemingly unknown and it has been kept unknown by the knowers because “control”.

The perfect way to get someones enraptured attention is to whisper in their ear “I know something you don’t know” and just like dangling an apple in front of an eve horse” your whisperee will be eating out of your hands, dying to know the secret… and many have, died to know the secret that is… Until now.

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