The Key To It All. 09-09-2019- creation of Sera 1

Postscript synopsis of main

I am not for being a good mother not for being  a bad mother I am because that was stolen from me I am because I tried. I am because I never gave up. I am because I endured I am because I loved.

mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children


It is so beautifully windy outside my window. It is 8.30 pm umm 9.20 I will have a nap while I plan what to start to do with 100 Million Dollars this Thursday night and do some more of this later.

But first

1, conclusion of Sera1

There is no God
There is only ME
I am the Creator
I am not alone
I am with all
But all is not within me and within me is not all.
Yet I contain all. I am all and all is me.

I am the scorpion who has self created the universe.

I am not a father. I am mother.
God as Father and father as God is a lie. A fallacy.

The mother who created the universe exists
There is not one universe
This universe is one of my poems

This revelation is a record of logos as it came from revelations. It is linear from me to paper(in this case keyboard) as it is unveiled to me by the universe

1, Why You dickheads fucked up and hurt me because you THOUGHT you knew. the end.

2, The Answer comes before the question but yet the question that created the answer was the reason that the question was asked in the first place.


Fire and Water

Aries Scorpio

Positive negative
inside outside

I see you now Aleph. *I grin as I understand inside outside on the next level.

The pause moment.


The question, the thought and understand how the universe was bought into being. The fool.

Inside and outside of WHAT?

Who invented the universe? That one is already there, as you can see me writing this. Your question perhaps should be How was the universe invented? That too has a simple answer. The universe was invented because I AM writing this. Ok Why was the Universe Invented. The universe was created by these questions being asked it was invented because I decided to write down my thoughts, record my thoughts to display the answers to that questions.

so now we have series of questions
answers sought to the questions
no coalescence just thought
answers to those questions spark more and more questions, each of the six sprouting trees endlessly who what when where why how
as the answers come faster and faster come mind decides to coalesce record before moving on to more

and therefore you idiots is why you are therefore such idiots. This is not the end, it has paused to centre thought, slow down thought, record the first creation before moving on to the next. *footnote after quick read idiots does not mean those reading except those who knew who I was and still professed the father is the creator and those who profess jesus was the saviour of mankind who sacrificed himself for mankinds sins and yet knew it was a lie.

*note it hasn’t started on reflection yet because it has only just begun. *footnote 2 – 9.26pm reflection has begun.

the question
decision to record the answers to the questions

That decision then created time. A thought is not linear. It can go round and round vanishing and reappearing thoughts can run over the top of each other and a thought can be thought of many TIME.
It just is. there is no record of that thought among a infinite number of thoughts. But when the universe is bought into being by my writing it, there is a linear record now there is time. and this is due because of a question in a series of questions

So the record stand now as
Thought on top of thought primordial KAOS.
This KAOS of confusion and natural need for order in a brain that is extremely active sparks an idea of using a tool to record capture and idea in able to share with all in the book of truth about creation.

So in actual fact the invisible thought that sparked this writing existed Before the recording of creation there was creation, the thought.

Now we have the tool, the manifestation from the mind to record keeper of creation. The tool is a plough.

I just said that I created it because I wanted to coalesce bring together all the thoughts I had been thinking into one writing. Secondly said the writing is a plough a tool to change the environment from a random kaotic mess to a neatly ordered linear record


So there is a key. Before creating the universe by the result of an idea of recording thought, there was thought.

that thought was inside a vessel a being a container. Which is a container containing. Limited limits.

While the container is limited and subjected to time, size, condition, environment,  mundane and so on other such limits The Mind itself contained in those limits is limitless.

outside that vessel being that we will call dino, is everything else in expansion

There is the everything else, the expansion of all

Before Aleph

Shit there we have our next move a House we shall call our House Beth

  • Question for later why there has to be explosive

answer given before question



the universe is one verse in a poem.




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