The Mayet System Section 7

The Mayet System Section 7

Written 2005

This is the theory or reasoning behind and the  background of my Mayet System including the why of it bearing notice by all, not because I am saying hey look what I did, I am so smart but because I am saying hey come look what I found to share with you and theorize why this thing was hidden..? I see significance in this, its just not a bunch of numbers, its colors, music, sound, vibration, and energy.

You may just see a bunch of numbers that look pretty together and shrug and then go back to enjoying other things.

From what I could gather there was knowledge hidden from the masses, as Jesus and Moses before him were hidden from society. The story had bearing in the Masonic legends of Hiram. All the stories stemming (splitting maybe) from the same source.

It all came down to some knowledge that the elite or priests as I call them wanted to keep from the people. It came to something that was hidden from the people but kept secret by the elite few. Clues were given down time but mostly people speculated.

We turn to the tarot of mystical origins but full of hidden and deep meanings. The major Arcana made up of 22 numbers including the Zero. Many legends spoke of the truth being hidden within the tarot and that could have been one reason it has been demonized over the years.

I worked specifically at decoding from clues Crowley left behind, I found hints that seemed to have significant meaning and I worked in pure numbers.

the 22 cards of the Arcana when added are 0 = +1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21 == 231 = 0

I pulled Crowley’s cards out and separated them into the attributes set out on them into a zodiac circle of 12 cards.

starting with the emperor 4 Aries and kept going around in a circle.

I then added up each elements numbers.

Fire came to 29 – 4 emp(aries), 11 lust(leo), 14 art(sagitarius).
Earth came to 29 – 5 hiero(taurus), 9 hermit(virgo), 15 devil(capricorn)..ok o far so far so good both 29 but then the next two didn’t fit. 
Air came to 31 – 6 lovers(gemini), 8 adjustment(libra), 17 star(aquarius)
Water came to 38 7 chariot(cancer), 13 death(scorpio), 18 moon(pisces)

to my mind it didn’t make sense, there was no pattern. I looked at the cards and re read what Crowley said about them and then played with a calculator and 22 cards for the next 6 months.

Finally during this time I made a few changes

First was the card Crowley called Adjustment, I made an adjustment with that card. Then the art card spoken of in Valhalls thread was moved due to things I saw on the
cards and read, over to take the lust (removed) card position for Leo. Death was taken out of the circle and so was it’s partner (positive negative) 13 death. 13+9=22. The
wheel of fortune and it’s partner the hanged man were bought into the circle. 10+12 = 22. The last change was in the sequence of the final cards of each element, sagitarius,
capricorn, aquarius, pisces. 14, 15, 17, 18. As I had already moved the 14 over to the spot of Leo I moved the 15 down one, added the 16, then the 17 and 18 stayed in
place. The numbers of the final sign of each element were 15, 16, 17, 18 to match the first four of 4, 5, 6, 7, numerical order.

Each element and all lines add up to 33 the total of the zodiac circle, being 132 out of the full Major Arcana circle of 231.
The first four signs of each element add to 22
The second signs ofeach element add to 44
The third signs of each element add to 66
showing once again the perfect balance of the numbers.
Notice the patterns of double numbers in the results.
Pay close attention also to the perfect balance of differences between the numbers.
Each difference adds up to 11 in a perfect forward and reverse pattern again and the mirror images of the negative – positive are also perfectly balanced, showing a perfect
enclosed circuit system.

Other parts


Now that’s all just background, now to the theory and thought.

This number system was hidden behind the tarot as it has been for hundreds of years. It was all there but a few moves had been made to make it look imperfect and not right, to take away that secret, erased from the face of things. Nothing that science could grasp onto, nothing tangible in fact only fantasy. The mystical tarot that has been ridiculed and demonized over the centuries. Tarot mean wheel. Wheel turns, movement, wheel of life.

To students the tarot is a book of knowledge. Well this system is hidden behind the visible book. This is pure mathematics, pure building blocks of the universe. Hidden behind that occultish 22 cards is a perfect numerological story that tells about the universe, the planets, the constellations, magnetics, yin yang, male female life. There is more to it, the numbers could be used to create pure energy fields. I still don’t know the full potential of the system I decoded but I do know it’s vast. If people had the true attributes and meanings in front of them instead of the lie that has been on them for years, then they could grasp the meaning and significance of life, through all the interpretations of each of the cards. Instead, there is no mathematical base, it looks like an airy fairy thing. It looks the demonized thing that it is portrayed as.

This system was always there, always in the cards but yet it was hidden by someone, sometime. The God of today is science. Without science we have no proof of things. Evidence would have to be scientific proof that science can see. Up to now the occult has been ridiculed and treated with contempt by society, frowned on and only allowed in public over the last two centuries. Before then tarot cards were a burnable offence. Why? What was so scary to the priests about the tarot? Is it because the magnetic field produced by the new number alignments where before there was nothing but hotchposs? If this number system and magnetics gets worked on by scientists, who knows what they can further reveal. Building blocks of cells, power source using the magnetic field principles contain in the system?

I think the elite know the attributes they are using publicly are the wrong ones. It stops people learning and keeps even those interested in that subject controlled so they do not learn the secret. Who know back to the Masonic tradition perhaps the secret of this system was actually buried in the temple of Solomon and the people who knew the secret killed. All for the future, now. It may of in fact have been split between the various priests/tribes/groups to be passed on from the top elite only to the next generation of top elite only. Maybe it was as said the secret was entrusted to three to pass on but they were killed leaving so they couldn’t pass the secret on. That’s all part of the story that still has to be unraveled, who is who in the zoo and who does know what.

All I do know is this secret was there in the tarot all along, Crowley gave enough hints to find it. Whether he knew of it is not exactly known to me, I think he may have because he virtually tied ribbons around trees on the pathway to finding it. He changed the name of the justice card to adjustment, why the hell would you do that unless you were leaving a clue behind that this was an adjustment and indeed it was the first move made, after it was moved things fell in place quickly. There are lots of red herrings in the whole story. Although what I have shown above looks so pure and simple, it took years to unravel because of red herrings. I know it sounds pompous of me to say that this sort of thing could be part of knowledge that has been kept hidden but this is something that has in fact been hidden.

That is the important thing in this, as said above it may just look like a bunch of matching numbers and pretty patterns, and it is, but why was there a lie, a falsehood printed instead for hundreds of years, why not just print the correct bunch of pretty patterns and colors all along?

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