The Roo’s Revenge

The Roo’s Revenge

First published 2007 = Myspace


Fast forward eleven years to now, I am living in a rural town instead of a farm so I don’t rescue native animals and care for them, besides that my own brood needs enough rescuing to keep an army occupied fulltime, oh wait they do. Fast forward another 11 years to 2018 and I again living on a farm surrounded by kangaroos and Cows and all sorts of nature. 

My birth mother live a few hours away on a cotton property and amazingly she rescues Kangaroos and visits us often with her baby Joey. It reminds me of Jessie and each time the Joey comes the bittersweet melancholy of past times comes with it. To watch it feed greedily from it’s bottle of Wombaroo, staring into her eyes with love and trust and then to watch her snuggle it own in it’s beach bag brings back the memories so sharp, they run like videos through my mind.

I can only hope that the maternal instinct doesn’t kick in with my birth mother as it did with me, it would be a tad odd to introduce a baby brother or sister to the world at forty.

So here was me in the last week, so proud and self gloating over my article on the benefits and healthy tastiness of Skippy meat without a backward thought of my bond with my baby Jessie, without a tad of guilt over the times we spent together with that unspoken magic between us of guardian and small child. Of the gently love he had for me, his soft paws touching me and his liquid brown eyes searching mine begging me to scratch and tickle and play with him. Or the love and bond I had for him, the joy and happiness he bought me.

Last weekend I troddled merrily off to my part time job as a market researcher for a multinational. I was interviewing people in a small rural allotment in the next town and the day went great. My clients were fantastic and I met some wonderful people so I started the drive home with a smile, singing away at the top of my lungs in the car to Nickelback on the CD player. It was twilight, my favourite part of the day and I was looking forward to relaxing after a busy weekend when I drove around the bend on the lonely country road to see a 4wd coming the other way. Just as she came closer a big buck Kangaroo jumped straight out of the bushes straight in front of her car.

She didn’t have time to react and bang, the Kangaroo flew up onto her windscreen before falling back onto the side of the road down a slight embankment.

I screeched to a halt and went over to see if everyone was alright, the car, one of those new plastic 4wd toy looking vehicles was mashed up to the window. The lady and her offspring were fine just a little shook up. The Kangaroo was still alive and we rang animal rescue to see what could be done for him. I had no supplies and he needed medical attention so we needed to assess how bad he was because the choice had to be made to ring a vet for euthanasia or a carer. It was more likely to be the vet as an adult male like this gets very stressed and is unable to be calmed easily for treatment and rehabilitation.

I knew all this and was very wary as I stepped down to him slowly from the side, speaking softly to him, his eyes on my eyes. I stayed still when I got to him for a few minutes just talking to him then I slowly felt up his leg.

Meanwhile, being the country, the next couple of cars that came by stopped for a sticky beak and suddenly a man came crashing down the embankment in front of me saying loudly

“How’s the roo”.

Oh Yeah right, I knew what was going to happen before it began but was helpless–.. Of course the Roo startled and tried to get up on his rear legs and he turned attacking the nearest thing to him in his effort to escape—me—-.. hammering into me with the only uninjured weapon he had, his powerful front boxing paws.

I felt his claws rip down my face from my forehead and as I bought my arms up to defend against his attack I felt a claw shred along under my eye. The attack was over quickly, he wasn’t serious, it was a panic attack from a very scared critter in a very alien environment, it exhausted him and he fell back when he tried to use his broken leg to bound away from the crashing noisy monster in front of him.

I stumbled over backwards, banging my neck on the road post on the way down. I froze, and slowly bought my fingers to my face, it was numb and then suddenly in the darkness I felt a wetness flow and make my fingers sticky. I bought my hands up to my face but couldn’t see anything in the darkness. I knew I was bleeding but didn’t know where or how bad as I walked over to my car to retrieve a clean cloth. The cloth was light blue and as I pulled it away from my head I could see dark patches of wet liquid covering it and I could feel wetness dripping down my shirt and onto my sandals making my toes all squishy. By now the lady had arranged a vet to attend to euthanize the kangaroo which was so sad, a buck in his prime, so strong and proud even through his pain he sat up erect and tall, snorting and shaking his head every now and then in pain, a true magnificent creature. Never hurt a fly.

I walked back to her and checked that she had someone coming to her as we were a few miles from town and then I left to travel the 25 kilometres to my own home town.

I drove in and entered the house and I walked into the office where my husband was working with our youngest on his knee and he jumped up in disbelief when he saw me, herding me out to the car again as he bombarded me with question and snorted loudly that he would go and get retribution on whoever had done this to me.

On the way to the hospital I finally explained what had happened and as he bundled me up to emergency he looked at me with his serious face and said

“See.. That’s what you get for being nice and helpful, you should be more of a bastard like me”….. .

So here is me, not even a week after my Kitty Kangaroo Dinner Ditty, sliced gapingly open to the cheekbone, parted down the forehead, stabbed with anti infection shots, snipped and sponged out with liquids which felt like a thousand needles, glued, stuck together, clipped up and looking like I have done 10 seconds with Mike Tyson, (I wouldn’t last a full round, besides I like my ears) swollen, bruised and totally alien looking to my children and afraid to venture outside in case I scare someone to death.

As the doctor was leaned over me snipping away at my wound and generally causing me a thousand times the pain of the original event curiousity got the better of him and he asked me how and what had happened-..

I just sighed and replied

It was the Roo’s revenge….

So to the Roos out there in the world, I am sorry for my article and telling the world how yummy and tasty you really are and how I totally overlooked telling mankind of your wonderful special soft warm loving gentle harmonious personality.

I am sorry I didn’t further highlight your plight and how mankind has encroached onto your territory, how global warming is possibly causing the drought that is taking away your fertile feeding grounds making you feed closer and closer to the fertile inhabited areas. I am sorry I didn’t tell the world how special you are. I am sorry I didn’t tell the world about the magic of watching you in your natural environment, with floppy eared Joeys poking out of pouches, of strong males proud and tall and of all nature wonderments that you the Kangaroo hold within you. Of  herds of roo’s bounding across the pains all sizes imaginable, stron and lean, bouncing along on your strong hind legs using your tails as a powerful rudder. I didn’t speak enough of your friendliness and curiousity towards humans and how you gently take with your front paws, not unlike hands and eat bread and other goodies fed to you. I didn’t talk of you inner gentleness and relaxed laid back lifestyle, resting all day with your huge floppy ears shaking away blowflies in the desert heat.

You are a true lesson for the human world and a creature to be treasured and I owe you an apology for which you gave me a sharp reminder of over the weekend.

Meanwhile as I am writing this final page, daughter number 2 enters the room, “Mum the cat just ate a lizard”. I shudder, the world is one weird food chain and humanity as some funny ideas about what is “kosher”

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