The Trash That is Easter Island

I don’t have a car, I am a carer for my children and I cannot afford at this point in life to follow my dreams and explore, travel.

So I travel anyway and I don’t mean astral travel, I haven’t mastered that art. I mean I travel around the world day to day with good old google Earth. What a fascinating thing technology is.

Sad in so many ways that we are stuck behind screens and not out there in the sunshine “doing it”

but for those that are “stuck” at least we can do is fill it with enjoyment and aesthetic beauty of nature.

My thirst for knowledge has me exploring everything to its deepest levels and so when “Rapa Nui” came up on my exploring around reading list, I delved deeper into the volcanic beauty that is the magnificent mysterious wonderment of Easter Island.

This shot was taken inside a volcano. Just wow.

I poured deeper into the subject visually, exploring the land for the non existent creeks, and awestruck by the volcanos with cool stunning clear lakes on top.

I too marveled along with the article I was reading’s author on the fact that Easter Island had no freshwater and yet these people had survived on the limited “salty” water that was scantly available.



I was fascinated and in bliss with the two tiny stretches of beaches I found with Google’s neat little 360 degree photography feature.



Imagine my delight to click into the world of Easter Island at a stunning beach with a spectacular surprise,

directly in front of me, was a line of the famous Easter Island statues.

Beautiful, magnificent.



So I traveled on, seeing every details of the land, the little township on the cliffs, the rural properties sprinkled about the land, the volcanoes dotted around the place and I came to what looked like from the distance a small fishing village.

I was curious that I could not see any beach around but I could see a few small piers jutting out from my vantage point above.


So I I turned and moved down closer to the village, it looked like a rural commercial enterprise in some ways with the buildings looking to be sheds.


I found a Google Earth 360 photo, awesome I could just dive right on in and have a look around with just my mouse as company.

I clicked and as the photo focused, I saw IT and immediately excused it as accident.

I keep looking around at the landscape in front of me amazed by the new experience.

and as I turned in the picture to face another direction, my heart dropped.




The thought I dismissed and ignored jumped out again and hit me with emotions,of sadness and anger.

I sighed, Nature sighed.

What chance have we got as a species



What chances do we give our home world to sustain us

when in a land far far away,

out in the middle of nowhere,

surrounded by thousands of miles of clear blue ocean,

unburdened by technology and industrialization,

we have this careless disposal

and “I don’t care” attitude.

I am all right so it’s going to be all right and I don’t need or want to know if it’s not. Tomorrow?

Who cares about the future, we live today. .

Mankind’s huge footprint.

From the bottom up.


We who care for and love our planet often blame the ones at the top for the wanton destruction of Earth,

but it’s also there at the very bottom.

Does it start at the top and work it’s way down. Or does it start at the bottom and work it’s way up.

We have this beautiful stunning island. Relatively untouched, we had a culture that lived for centuries off the land before disappearing and leaving behind these beautiful pieces of creative wonderment. The Island statues. Virtually no other trace of this historic culture remains. They left us a beauty we are in awe of, the technology involved in this medieval works of art. The products that a culture built.

Now today.. we have this. This is 2018 mankind’s footprint, trash, pollution, destruction, resource raping, poisoning, war.

We have lost instinct and with that we have lost care and consideration.

We don’t wake up and be thankful for our home, thankful that we get the gift of life from our world. We don’t respect the gift of mother nature. We try to control it, stop it, change it. We chain mother nature up and bury her in skyscrapers and mines. We create the very things that will destroy us.

Humans have not learned and will not learn. Here we have an example of total disrespect to the land around us. In the biggest industrial cities we do not see the wanton disposal, at least the cities have learned to hide their shit and at least make an effort to dispose of it with little impact.


Here at this place it is just I don’t care.

The Article that started this particular delicious detour of the journey

The Pyramid

YOU opened up the doorway
AND risked a look inside.
YOU couldn’t share the vision
AND the truth you had to hide.

YOU didn’t build the pyramid
AND structure things just right.
YOU went and split the atom
AND were blinded by sunlight.                 

YOU forgot to use a mirror
AND bounce it all around.
YOU turned away, closed the eye
AND didn’t speak a sound.

YOU didn’t see me watching
AND knowing all the lie.
YOU kept on chaining spirit
AND didn’t hear it’s sigh.

YOU lusted for more power
AND greed went hand in hand.
YOU acquired gold and diamonds
AND built castles in the sand.

YOU built up debt to Mother Earth
AND that will never be repaid.
YOU reaped the crop that you sowed
AND lay in the bed you made.

YOU have asked for nature’s fury
AND that is exactly what you’ll get.
YOU know nature is the balance
AND at dusk the sun will set.


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