The Truth About Bullies

The Truth About Bullies

This video was taken in 2008, when Kiralea was 12 and in sixth grade.

This video is the reason her mother began home educating her. One day she came home from school and began banging her head on her wardrobe, screaming and crying in anguish. Her mother asked her what was the matter and she replied “mum every time I sit down next to the other kids they get up and move away, why don’t they like me” “I never did anything mean to them, i only ever tried to be nice to everyone but they are always mean to me” and “why do they walk off when I start to talk to them” “why do they call me a fat pig” this broke her mother’s heart because she and all the family knew Kiralea to be one of the special ones, a a spark that is a creative shining light.



She never went back to school and as she reached her teenage years she never seemed to lack in anything. She had no desire to mingle with her peers although she was quite happy to go out with her family or her siblings to events and movies. She grew to be herself, untainted by peer pressure, and not limited by having to conform into what society expects as a norm.

Now at 22 she is a gifted jewelry designer, a very talented writer, fantastic cook, wonderful friend and sister and the best daughter parent could dream for. Animals and kids love her. She doesn’t smoke, do drugs and very rarely has a drink. She is highly intelligent and can hold a conversation with adults and children alike on most subjects. Kiralea is a delight to behold and she the same person on all levels, there is no facade or screen with Kiralea. She has a heart of gold and a rock solid personality and she is so beautiful inside and out with the sweetest gentlest soul. 
Kiralea with a poem she wrote in 2008

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