Thelema, what you need will be supplied and what you ask will be answered. Thelema does not spoon feed you. It does not give you the answers, it allows you to search and find the answers yourself. The answers in logos is to know every word. To know each word you need to know it’s opposite. Only when you know both can you give birth to the child, knowledge, judgement, growth, new beginning.

The answer keys may come by very obscure means and you will need to hear, see, understand and then formulate them all for your judgement.

I could tell you that Aleister Crowley is my lover today, now in 2018.

Someone may disagree, so too someone may agree and then you will, as you examine, get a whole tree of different answers and suppositions from the peanut gallery. You my friend, will have to formulate the truth yourself. Not only from the logos that is said, written or recorded but what you feel inside and trust yourself to be the truth.

Trust yourself to not only hear the truth or read the truth but to feel the truth before you make judgement or conclude.. The truth is so simple that every time you see something, whether it will be a lie or fantasy, the truth will reveal itself in those words.

Most of all trust that you will not lie to yourself.

Fraternitas Saturni

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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet