To Expose Secret / Hidden Lies / Shadowy People / Currents

Ritual of Will To reveal Secrets  –  Expose Hidden Lies / Shadowy People / Currents

and to find that which is lost or that which is missing


Part 1

Shadows in the darkness I banish you this Night

Reveal to me all that is hidden from my Sight

Speak only truth these words are my Right

Through love in my soul I will bring thee to Light

Part 2

By the North By The South By The East By The West

Spirit of the mirror only truth shall pass the test

Part 3

These words are my Will and so mote it Be
Unbind my power on the wind it soars free


Ritual Instructions

Begin by facing the direction of the river or North if there is no river.
Stand tall with your head and shoulders firmly up and feet approx 80 cms apart.
Place crystal in palm of your weaker side flat with fingers outstretched with arm pointing forward.
Hold Athame in your strong hand and point it skyward towards the moon and the heavens.
Become aware of your breathing, and breathe in deeply and exhale while you are doing this
Become aware and feel the atmosphere around your fingers, your hands, your head and shoulder from the heavens above
Become aware and of the current of energy and moisture around your body, touching allowing it to sink into your skin.
Become aware of energy rising up from the firm earth beneath flowing through your toes and feet
There is no rush, no hurry, there is only love.
Feel the joy of yourself as part of your world and your world as part of you
quite often at this point you may become aware of a colour or colours in you and around you. Let the energy of colour flow to make sure the far corners of your mind and whole being are reached including your back.
Let the earth energy rise from your feet, up through and around your body feel it move up your legs into your thighs, into your sexual centre, warming and cleansing  renewing energizing as it expands upwards through the solar plexus, kidney, liver stomach towards your heart,
From the air around you feel the movement on your skin, let it absorb into you to your muscles into your blood your into bones warming healing cleansing renewing and energizing
From the heavens of Nuit above it let celestial energy flow down your head, opening the eyes,  moving through your ears, nose, mouth and down to your neck then the shoulder shoulders where it joins the energy that is flowing from your fingers and hands up your arms into your shoulders and down to your breasts warming cleansing renewing and energizing you being
Feel the energy join as the particles from all come together and blend in you as it flows soothingly and refreshingly to the centre of your being, your heart,
When it reaches your heart the energy centres you and is centred within you.
You are as one with the world and the world has become the all in you
When you are relaxed and aware of the all you are ready to start begin the lines of the rhyme (Part 1)
When you reach the third line as you speak the word speak bring Athame down hold it next to your heart and then point it forward level with the crystal as you end the Rhyme.
When finished turn 90 degrees widdershins, lifting the athame once again to the heavens and repeating words and actions while still feeling the world around you and in you and you in the world.
Then once again turn 90 degrees widdershins repeat the actions and words
On completion turn in the fourth direction widdershins repeating ritual and actions and then turn until you are facing the mirror again.

Part 2

kneel down on Athame side knee
Turn mirror over and place crystal in centre of the mirror/picture/sigil with the other hand.
Hold athame to the heavens and then bring it down to point and touch the tip onto the crystal resting on the mirror
with the Athame
recite part 2
when part 2 is completed completed place athame on the mirror touching the crystal and stand up slowly.

Part 2

By the North By The South By The East By The West

Spirit of the mirror only truth shall pass the test


Part 3

with feet placed comfortably apart slightly wider than your shoulders reach your arms up from the sides as high as possible level with your feet so you are standing as a star pointing to the stars
recite part three three times.

When complete bow in respect and give thanks to the mother for her bountiful gifts


Ritual Notes

Ritual works best on a half waxing moon high above.
Complete ritual as far from lights and city as possible in an open field. If possible next to a river or natural water source.
Ritual is best completed naked wearing only a pair of flat soled black boots  (a pair of plain black underwear and a plain black robe can be worn if required)
strip off all jewelry except one pair of 9ct or above gold earrings or earring may be worn. Piercing are acceptable only if 9ct Gold or above.

Tools required

1, Charged (consecrated) Athame to be held in your strong hand
2, Natural Faceted Quartz Crystal to be held flat in palm of other hand.
3  Small Mirror to be placed on ground in front of you at start. face down.
4,  If targeted ritual place picture or sigil under the mirror facing up.
5, Photo or sigil can be destroyed by the elements on completion

Tools note

Many magick practitioners use two mirrors face to face. This is not necessary, the mirrors are in all and will catch your ritual and hold it , working with your will.


Original Ritual Created By Mayet completed 11/09/2019 10:32pm AEST
11 years from ground zero

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