True Blue

I have often been asked about my wicked sense of humor and fun and where it came from. Many of you will know about my Dear old Dad and the rolling pin so you can guess where much of it comes from but it is more than that.

It is a cultural and nationwide way of looking at life that is uniquely Australian.

Australian’s often are labeled “laidback” and “casual” with the ability to laugh at ourselves as a nation as well as finding the fun things and the humorous side of events. We are indeed in general very casual and laidback, especially when it comes to our own selves. Maybe it is a part of our proud convict heritage. Every Australian proudly claims at least one first Fleet convict as their own anscestor. We are honest and forthright.. perhaps a non political correct species but we say what we think.

On the other hand Australian’s are also courageous, loyal and strong willed. We make great friends and the word “mate” is a valued part of our vocabulary. Australian’s will walk a mile for their mates when the “chips are down” and will be there for them when called. We help others and do not turn our backs on people who need help. Although sadly once again as time marches forward in the new millenium people everywhere are becoming colder and more heartless.. concerned with the chase for the dollar rather than giving a person a hand up.

Australian’s have a built in “Bullshit detector” and do not suffer fools gladly. An Aussie will tell you that you are full of it without a blink of an eye. We are an straightforward little quirky species that sees beyond what is presented to us and that allows us to take away a full color pallete of events. We are a multicultural race of people.. Australia is only a few hundred years old so an Australian’s ancestors can come from anywhere in the world but we are all Australian.

We treasure our leisure. We used to find enjoyment in the simple things.. beer and barbeques, a drink down the pub with our mates, footy on weekends, camping and fishing in the bush. All that is changing as hi society, technology and urban pressure starts to pervade and overtake our lives.

But we still stand on our colonial roots. We have an expression for something that is Australian and is REAL..

that is

“True Blue”.

I was raised in a “True Blue” environment. My Dad made sure of that by showing me so much of our beautiful land as a child and by introducing to to just about every single “Aussie Character” that ever lived in the “Real Australia”. I lived the aussie dream as a kid. I was so lucky to have such a wide variety of experiences and such a deep introduction and education of this beautiful land and the unique peoples.

I remember being nine years old and camping in the middle of Australia’s central desert at a place called Devils Marbles. I hadn’t bothered pitching a tent as experienced had shown me that it was impossible to hammer tent pegs into rock ground, so I had laid the tent out as a ground sheet then inflated my matress and “bob’s your uncle” … I was ready for bed .. sleeping under a blanket of stars in the outback..That night I will never forget and I still see the sky that night clearly in my mind.
I have related earlier the story of assisting the guests to try and pitch their tents by showing them the softest ground possible but being “noobs” as they were, they kept trying to hammer into solid rock. There was another side of this event that is typically Australian and True Blue. Later that night the team leader and my dad got everyone together and held a “kangaroo court” around the fire. This was a mock court trial where all the guests were put on trial for their “crimes”. My mum was up first. Mum’s crime was to fall asleep in the Coach with her mouth open snoring. her Kangaroo Court punishment was to have her mouth taped up with duct tape for three hours that morning while traveling.

When it got to me, my crime was talking to much all the time so I got the duct tape treatment too.. except I kept dissolving in a fit of giggles and ripping it off. Another older girl and guy on the trip had gotten real “close” to each other so they were sentenced to be tied by the arm to other partners for the day and another couple of guys who hated each other were sentenced to be tied together and to sleep in the same tent. Then it came the turn of the little group of guests who kept pitching their tents in the solid rock. What a travesty in Australia. What a crime.. Aussies who just can’t “camp out” proper like. Their punishment was to have to be the first out of the coach every night for the remainder of the trip and have their tent up ready for inspection within five minutes with everyone watching and cheering them on. Considering they had never pitched a tent within an hours time this was quite some challenge for the group and a hell of a lot of laughs for all of us….It was all a riot of laughs

Thats just Aussie humour.. and laughing at ourselves…. True Blue

Australian Comedians Writers Poets and artists of all kinds have influenced our way of thinking immensly over time just as society at the time has been reflected in these peoples work. I grew up around campfires and in “aussie pubs” listening to these people perform and laughing my ass off the entire time. These people made us as a nation, laugh at ourselves, at our oddities and quirks and at the things that differentiated us from the rest of the world.
Legends like Kevin Bloody Wilson and Rodney Rude paved the way for a unique style of comedy that is totally Australian. Every Aussie over the age of 30 can recite and sing these and other Aussie legend’s songs when drunk and disorderly. It is part of our culture and the popularity of these guys helped a nation have the ability to laugh at themselves.

Entertainers like Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee would not have made sense to the world and especially to Aussies, if these pioneers hadn’t blazed a trail of “Aussism” across the world before them.

These Comedians and entertainers had totally politically incorrect material but all True Blue Aussie. So what do we do today with this work of the years that have passed that is so politically incorrect?

Do we as Australians toss out and ignore an important part of our heritage because it is so politically incorrect? Do we now “act” embarrassed about our prime comedians and entertainers like Kevin Bloody Wilson and Rodney Rude and pretend they never existed? Do we now whisper their names in shame or scratch their names off our famous people lists?

Do we stop laughing now because we are told we are not supposed to think that it is funny anymore? Were we as a nation wrong to think it was funny in the first place?

I freely admit it.. These guys inspired me…

*Rodney Rude (born Rodney Keft in Bathurst) is an Australian ‘blue’ stand-up comedian, poet and writer. He is infamous for his bawdy humour. He has released 12 albums and 4 videos throughout his long career, most of which are distributed by EMI Music Australia.
*To translate Alan Bond was one of Australia’s multi millionaires and the one that took the America’s cup way back in the eighties. He was found guilty of tax evasion and other white collar stuff and went to jail for a while. His mansion in Perth was famous for parties.

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