A word of faith.

All our lives we get told to trust

To have faith

Trust our Elders

Trust our Leaders

Trust God

But sometimes we forget to trust the most important person of all

We forget to Trust ourselves

By handing over trust to others we stop trusting in our own mind heart and spirit.

Trust sounds like Trussed

And to me trust is trussed

We are effectively trussed by our trust in others.

We trust what they say to us

We trust they are telling us the truth

We trust they are right

We trust that everything will be ok

Is that Wise?

Ah a question.

You all know me, I am full of questions.

So that leads me to my main point.

Should we trust or question?

Should we go through life and trust what others tell us is true?

Or should we question life for ourselves?

Explore for ourselves?

Should we rely and trust in others?

Have faith? Have trust?

Or should we grow our trust in ourselves

Blind Trust and faith effectively leaves us trussed

Tied up



We hand over our power

we hand over our faith

we hand over our trust

 We hand over control.

and by doing all that we lose our instinct

Over the past two thousand years we have been told to trust

Trust God

Trust Our Leaders

Trust Our Elders

Now today we have no instinct

We have no trust of ourselves

We may believe but we do not know

We may trust but we are not certain

We have faith but no proof

We are blinded by trust

So we don’t question

We are herded like faithful trusting lambs to the slaughter

We trust others

but how fatal is it

To not trust ourselves?

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