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The Pyramid

The Pyramid


YOU opened up the doorway
AND risked a look inside.
YOU couldn’t share the vision
AND the truth you had to hide.

YOU didn’t build the pyramid
AND structure things just right.
YOU went and split the atom
AND were blinded by sunlight.                 

YOU forgot to use a mirror
AND bounce it all around.
YOU turned away, closed the eye
AND didn’t speak a sound.

YOU didn’t see me watching
AND knowing all the lie.
YOU kept on chaining spirit
AND didn’t heed her sigh.

YOU lusted for more power
AND greed went hand in hand.
YOU acquired gold and diamonds
AND built castles in the sand.

YOU built up debt to Mother Earth
AND that will never be repaid.
YOU reaped the crop that you sowed
AND lay in the bed you made.

YOU have asked for nature’s fury
AND that is exactly what you’ll get.
YOU know nature is the balance
AND at dawn the sun will set.


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