Alpha and Omega





Feasts of the Times: A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride

Questions taken from Scene IV


Today is all about the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the End. Knowing and not knowing with everything in between. Sometimes the end is not the beginning sometimes the end is just the end. The end.


First, what is true knowledge?

Mayet; true knowledge is knowing

what is true will?

Mayet; true will is knowing and Movement through action/reaction of that Knowing

Now, pray tell, what is true daring?

Mayet; with knowing there is there is knowing and pure movement with knowing which is true daring.

What is Truth?

Mayet; Truth is neither Good nor Evil
Truth can Be anything or nothing
Truth is because it as it was


Foresight with Hindsight. knowing is all, knowing the beginning, the end and everything between. Knowing knows not knowing but not knowing does not know and can not be knowing.

alpha = not knowing alpha is before

Omego = knowing “OIC”  which is omega that which is all and contains and overcomes not knowing and allows new beginnings without an end.

you can know the truth or you can not know the truth you may know a lie or you may not know a lie.

Beginning = Truth Not Knowing  0001   End = Truth Knowing 2100

9  Foresight              11 Truth and Lies              13 Hindsight

You may worship truth you may worships lies but without knowing you can only not know which leads to not being able to differentiate and judge without bias. To judge without knowing can be the tower of destruction of everything created … with knowing you can step forward as the ultimate fool knowing that truth and lies don’t effect you. No thing effects you, no thing changes you, no thing stops you, no thing starts you .. Knowing is not a yes, it is not a no it just is what it is.


knowing and not knowing …. to be or not to be … not the nun not the tau just 0

[Rose takes a breath with her finger in the air to give another answer, but she hesitates, looks puzzled, and puts her forefinger to her lips in deep thought]

I know all about knowing and I know that not knowing was what destroyed me and everything created and the knowing of knowing which is pain, heartache for all and all for nothing.


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The endless knot or eternal knot (Sanskrit: śrīvatsa; Tibetan དཔལ་བེའུ། dpal be’u; Mongolian Ulzii) is a symbolicknot and one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. It is an important cultural marker in places significantly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism such as Tibet, Mongolia, Tuva, Kalmykia, and Buryatia.



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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet