April 13, 2008: 670000 Without Drinking Water In China


670000 Without Drinking Water In China

it is stories like this that scare me. Or more the repercussions of the story in question that scare me the most.

670 000 chinese people are without drinking water after severe drought in the Liaoning Province in North East China. The article goes on to say that 50 million Chinese face drinking water shortages each year.

That is where the scary bits come to mind. That is 50 million people. A huge amount, Over twice the population of Australia alone that face potential death each year. Do you think that these people are going to sit back and allow themselves to starve and die of thirst? All 50 million? Or are they going to get ideas? Might is right, Why should they sit back and die when they see that the grass is greener or in this case, the water is bluer on the other side of the fence.

China has self designed for it’s future. A future that doesn’t need nostradamus to prophecize. Maybe it was natural selection and the only way the pyramid could go, after it was built but the over population and one child boy preferred policy has created a monster. A monster that has no choice but to unleash. China grows in power every day.

More and more western civilzation rely on China to make, create and supply many of it’s basic needs. Most electrical appliances, computer parts, technology, toys and more are made in China. We funnell huge amounts of money, uncaringly into the Chinese coffers.

China buys it’s basics off us like coal and other supplies and then get that money back one hundred fold through the products those basic elements produce.

The one child boy preferred regime has produced an army. An Army of horny virile fit soldiers full of national patriotism and the need for supremecy.  China gets richer but their people get poorer in base needs, that wealth has come at a price. The cost? The cost is the land, the environment, the pollution and the health of the citizens. China has not cared about the byproducts and reactions to it’s massive industrial growth. If a nation cares so little about polluting it’s own land and contaminating it’s own people, how do they view other lands, how do they view other peoples? Is it with contempt?

China has no choice, they have sowed the seeds of their own destruction in that creation of wealth and growth. They have nowhere to go but out and over if they wish to survive. The land is polluted, it is raped of natural resources, the farmlands are either in drought or flood and the people are in the grip of health crisis with issues such as the Bird Flu and AIDs reaching epidemic proportions.

It is a matter of time, when the time is right, China will destroy the western economy and start taking over. All they need to do is to flood the market with US dollars and bamm!! worthless economy, America would not just go into recession, it would fall into a pit. The depression of the 30’s will look like a bump in the road after this.

ABC Net.au – China 670 000 Have No Water. 

A drought in China’s north-east Liaoning province has left nearly 700,000 people without drinking water after rainfall in the first three months of 2008 tumbled to one-fifth levels last year, the Xinhua agency said.

The area is a top grain producer, and maize and rice farming is due to begin next week, but from January to the end of March it had got less than 2 centimetres of rain.

Some 66 reservoirs have dried up, but the area has raised cash to build 1,700 new wells and expand and upgrade water conservation systems to try and ensure spring planting can go ahead, Xinhua said, citing local sources.

China’s weather administration said in early April that drought parching other parts of northern China was the worst in several decades and would continue this month.

Drought and floods are perennial problems in China, which has per capita water resources that are well below the global average. Its meteorologists have said global climate change is exacerbating extreme weather, including droughts.

About 30 million Chinese in the countryside and more than 20 million in urban areas face drinking water shortages every year despite huge government investment to address the problem.

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