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The Key To Bill

I am going through my true “Mid Life Crisis” at present.   It is the time of my life when I am filing away the past and washing it all away so I can step forward into the future into a “new” life without any baggage. So it is a very reflective time as my regular readers may have…

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The Great Emu Takedown

The Great Emu Takedown The warm spring afternoon breeze wafted gently around, blowing the strands of my long messy auburn hair around my face. I ignored it. I was sitting up in the Figtree engrossed in my latest Alistair MacLean novel and I didn’t move an inch, until finally the sound of my mother calling me in for dinner…

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To Shoal Or Not To Shoal

To Shoal Or Not To Shoal   and Now for something completely different As some of you know, I get up really early of a morning  Before Sparrow Fart or “dawn” as it is politely known. Of a morning during those precious quiet, peaceful, tranquil, serene, relaxing childless dark hours, I write. …..and read. I am an avid News…

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Growing Up In An Outhouse

Growing Up In An Outhouse I grew up in a middle class family, in a middle class street in a middle class neighborhood. Most of our neighborhood at the time I was born back in the mid Sixties had had their toilet outside of the house. Australian outhouses were commonly and fashionably called “The Dunny”. To get to the…

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