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Maat Ma’et Mayet

Maat return to Home Page or move on to Goddess Mahavidya, next chronologically, or use Her Cyclopedia IndexMaat, Truth. M1*T Alternate meanings: Justice, Law. Geography/Culture: Egyptian. Linguistic Note: the fundamental idea of the word is ‘straight’, and from the Egyptian texts it is clear that it meant ‘right, true, truth, real, genuine, upright, righteous, just, steadfast, unalterable’,…

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Alpha and Omega

    Knowledge Logos Feasts of the Times: A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride Questions taken from Scene IV   Today is all about the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the End. Knowing and not knowing with everything in between. Sometimes the end is not the beginning sometimes the end is just the…

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Should I

Should I blog or not to blog is the big question here today it is the question of all questions that does puzzle little old may Should I be out there and open and speak out with clear cut words or should I be just be quiet and not ever even heard Do i worry about the watchers that…

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To Mother

Rest Tonight and fly away .. peace and light to guide your way There is so much I want to say now that it is too late today I came to say goodbye tonight you lay there such a smaller sight I remember you for your strength and might and the times you held me close and tight all…

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When New Life Is Born

When new life is born with natures birth into light the shadows are fading from the remnants of night. The colours of sunrise that stream through the sky herald the new day as time slowly ticks by. With the bright shine of morning a new freshness surrounds The mountains seem greener with concrete all-around. The wind blows the trees…

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            Screens are all around me in front of my very eyes. My life is full of seeing them and it makes me want to cry I’m typing this little ditty on the screen in front of me and it makes me really wonder how life would be if all screen free I switch…

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Movement of the Mountain

Movement of the Mountain     The mountains and hills that erupt from the ground bring life to the water as it starts on it’s round gathering together falling faster the flow starting the movement for the wind that will blow The water that falls runs to pools in the rocks decaying and rotting all movement just stops along comes…

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To Dream

To Dream I cannot write a simple line for my memories are muddled the stresses of this thing called life to my brain are somewhat fuddled to remember what the love was to reminisce about the romance thinking of the times you touched me make my soul yearn for the dance times have changed the clock marched on forward…

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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather always stick together, well all birds stick together to get what they want successfully I have thousands of birds come to visit me daily and it is fascinating to see the various species interact and the true order of things The Bin Chick Tip Turkeys The Ibis gets first choice, guarding the entire playing field…

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