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U.F.O. Cairns Queensland

Prehension of the intention regarding the ascension from this Dimension   15 October 2005 dusk East Moon Rise       West Mountains       Note the cloud formations I did not see this until I glanced at the viewer as I was putting my arm down.  

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To Endure

This is the first time I am publishing this piece publicly. It was written in 2009/2010  and placed on private journal entry. At the time I could not share my pain. I couldn’t share anything. i could only wrap myself within myself and scream inside. Today in some ways i am still screaming inside BUT I have learned one…

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A Friend’s View of God

Millie: “I dont care if someone is the pope or if they have studies the bible Quran and every holy book, been to seminary, etc…all books were written by man…no man has anymore knowledge of God than another..everyone has equal access to God and no one has to go through another to know god..God is in my heart and…

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Brodie’s World – Living with Autism

Welcome to Brodies World written 2008   Part 1 My lovely five Year old Has Autism High Functioning. Also known as Asperger Syndrome. To you Brodie has a disability. BUT To Brodie you are alien and really weird. You think weird and you act silly and you lie a lot. You don’t say what you mean. Your world is…

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The Trash That is Easter Island

I don’t have a car, I am a carer for my children and I cannot afford at this point in life to follow my dreams and explore, travel. So I travel anyway and I don’t mean astral travel, I haven’t mastered that art. I mean I travel around the world day to day with good old google Earth. What…

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  In life I have a few Mottos .. Bitty little sayings that always pop into my mind …one of them is   YOU Only Live Once and that is so true.. we don’t get a second chance… We only get one life and really .. we owe it to ourselves to make it the best life possible…..We can’t…

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