Clocks and Choppers

Clocks and Choppers.

When I was living in Kingaroy, the hospital was a block from my house. The helipad was even closer. Kingaroy was 200 kilometres from the nearest major hospital so the choppers would fly in a few times a week to pick up patients and airlift them to Brisbane.

Click the link to play the song above. The song is the reason why I wrote the blog and the blog won’t make much sense without it. Redgum.. Aussie Rock at it’s finest

The Royal Flying Doctor Service picked up less urgent case by plane out at the airport, which is how Kaelan was airlifted to Brisbane but the most serious cases were in and out by chopper.

This song used to go around in my head every time I heard the chopper coming in to the hosp. My hair would stand up on my head, I would shudder and get sad, I knew that there was someone for who that Choppper meant life or death. The chopper would fly on a couple of different flight paths overheard but when it flew over us it was coming in to land so it was only a couple of hundred metres in the air. One flight path took it directly over our yard and one directly over the house, the yard flightpath made the french windows at the back of the living room shake and vibrate.

The noise was deafening. The overhead flightpath, well it was like a 5.4 earthquake was happening with my house as the epicentre. Everything shook and something always managed to fall off a shelf and it always happened to be glass.

“An can you tell me, doctor, why I still cant get to sleep? And why the Channel Seven chopper chills me to my feet”…

Kahleah unconscious

It did chill me to my feet. Then my worst nightmare came true the day I heard that chopper come in over Nanango hospital from the ER where Kahleah lay critically sick and near death from a morphine overdose. That day I had to stand there and watch as they placed my unconscious lil girl into the chopper and flew her down to Brisbane in a life and death battle where I couldn’t be with her to hold her hand or to beg her to wake up and get better.

I stood there in the emergency room that day, leaning against the wall. I looked over at my husband seated on the chair on the other side of the bed with his head hanging on his chest..

Between us was the life and death battle which, was between life and death.
I shuddered and wrapped my arms tighter around myself. I was so alone, All I wanted was someone to hold me and tell me it was going to be ok, that she was going to be ok.
I was angry Her father once again didn’t give a shit and left his meds beside the bed. I was so scared as I watched the country medical staff work over my lil girl, lying still and lifeless looking on the bed.

Meanwhile Kahleah’s respiration dropped, her breathing slowed. My baby girl was dying. The clock on the wall ticked on, each moment seemingly taking hours as we waited for the emergency Pediatric team to arrive from Brisbane. Suddenly in the distance I could hear it, my blood chilled and I began shaking, the sound, the meaning of that sound again.

The noise came closer, the activity in the room sparked up with people moving around getting prepared for it’s arrival. Soon I could feel the vibration in the walls as it came into land. I held my breath until I could hear the renewed activity up the hallway that heralded the Emergency Pediatric Team’s arrival. My girl was saved.

Pediatric Emergency Nurse from Brisbane Mater Hospital

Not long after I trailed behind the nurses as they wheeled a trolley with my still lifeless but slightly less critical daughter on it up to the helipad for the return journey to Brisbane. I stood back as the motor started up and the ground was blown around me. It was deafening as it took off into the cloudy sky. I watched as the helicopter flew off into the distance until it was a tiny speck on the horizon. I would have given anything to be with her then. But that lazy ass father of hers wouldnt look the other kids while I went to hospital with the sick child, so they missed out on their mother again.

Instead I went home and put on a brave lonely face for my other four children and watched the clock and my phone continuously with a million different scenarios running through my head. A million different outcomes… A million minutes upon minutes of my worse fears slamming into me.

On the way to the chopper

About to fly off

“can you tell me doctor why I still can’t get to sleep. Why the channel seven chopper chills me to my feet

Clock and Choppers.. do you see now why I hate them both…

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