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Crystal Focusing

Crystals, as well as being healing tools are also valuable opening or meditating tools I call this Focusing and its the best form I have ever found.
Choose a crystal……a clear one one that has lots of chambers and fractures is perfect. Sit in front of a steady light source, candles I found aren’t much good for this one as you need complete stillness. Turn and examine the crystal until you have your eyes focused on a single point of light. What you are looking at is the light coming out of the crystal…oh der you say…..

Now what you do is follow with your eyes the point of light through the chambers of the crystal to its source, you will find that just as you think you pinpoint the light it travels through the spectrum as well as moving through the chambers and mirrors. What is happening is that you have focused on the surface that is refracting the light, as you do that the light goes past that mirror onto the next until the whole crystal itself lights up .

You will have to turn the crystal slowly as you do this and at first you may lose the point of light and have to start again. At the same time feel the crystals energy in your hands, time becomes motionless and light is all. I sometimes try to float the crystal at this time and have as little of my fingers on the crystal as possible. This exercise takes time but is so relaxing and clears the mind completely and focuses it in the one place so incredibly, As it is so enjoyable to see the purity of light in the crystal. I have often shown people who find it hard to meditate this exercise with great results.

You may not be successful in lighting the whole crystal the first time but with practice a whole new universe will open for you and you will feel tranquil calm and relaxed even without huge successes at first.

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