Do You Believe In Santa Claus

I remember being a little lass
all those many years ago
decorating the Christmas tree
and hanging up the mistletoe

The sounds of bells takes me back
to a place of childhood pleasure
through the halls of time I go
with memories I will always treasure

The smell of fresh baked gingerbread
would waft all throughout the place
and the roast was in the oven
that would soon disappear without a trace

Everywhere was Christmas
with joy spread all around
decorations and festive lights
would adorn the whole downtown

Carolers would sing their songs
right outside our garden gate
and I would stay up listening
until it became very late

We would wrap up all our presents
to give to our parents and our grans
we spent all year making them
with our very own pair of hands

Christmas eve was always special
I would lie awake all night
and listen for the sleigh bells
and reindeer to appear in sight

no matter how I tried to stay awake
it happened every single year
I would soon be sleeping very tight
and that sleigh I would never hear

On Christmas morning I would awaken
and there down at the end of my bed
would be a sack full of gifts
that made up for missing Santa’s sled

But then as I grew up older
and my life was touched by pain
I stopped believing in the magic
and Christmas became a strain

It became all about the money
commercialized a special thing
the gift that keeps on giving
was the sound of a cash register’s ring

and then one day it happened
I looked upon my children’s face
and saw the magic mirrored there
that was sprinkled around the place

it was then my heart re opened
and Santa Claus came back into my life
I was just as excited as the kiddies
the joy within my soul was rife

I’d forgotten all the magic
of giving laughs and smiles
and of sitting up on Santa’s knee
full of innocence and guile

I’d forgotten the gift of giving
that was what it was all about
and seeing happiness in others
is the best thing, never doubt

Do you believe in Santa Claus
who comes around once a year
to spread the smiles and laughter
and wipe away those tears

Do you believe in Christmas
the wonders and the joy
the gold and silver tinsel
and parents acting very coy

The magic that is Christmas
is very real you see
the love and warmth and happiness
is what Christmas means to me

So look upon the children
at their innocence and fears
and build them up with happiness
thats stretches on throughout the years.

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