Emotional Rescue

Ever had a hissy fit?

Ever blown your stack?

Ever ranted and raved and carried on?

If so then you have emotion….

Ever been really hurt and cried for days?
(bet you felt better afterwards)

and that brings me to the subject on my widdle mind today …


Do we hide them or do we leave them open to be as they are?

as we grow we are taught to refrain, to control and to ignore our emotions.

In today’s society we even have little happy pills that take care of our emotions for us and dampen them so that we do not feel emotion. We are taught as we grow to control oursleves. Not to feel or to even think too deeply.

Yeah I get it.. emotion hurts. The easy way out is to take one of those pills and dull the senses from that emotion.

However I’m not like that. I have never hid my emotions.

Because I truly believe that emotion = heart = passion.

and I am a passionate person. Without passion life is bland and boring and I feel that to exist as opposed to living life fully is not what I wish to become in life.

We are often told not to cry, not to yell or not to be upset. Let it go, be the better peron and ignore it… ah YES ignore it. Ignore yourslf and what your body spirit and mind is trying to tell you.

how often do you ignore yourself?

How often do you hide from your emotions?

I read an interesting letter from one of my so called support agencies the other day which basically stated that I am very articulate but emotional.

I’m proud of that.

I guess it wasn’t written in a positive light but who cares.

I am emotional.

I am proud of my emotions because my emotions really tell me what is going on around me.

Is it rational to control ones feelings or is it more rational to be natural and to feel and experience ALL there is to experience?

How can you hide your emotion and yet love freely?

How can you dampen your feelings and still feel freely?

How can you truly know yourself if you hide from what you feel?

You can’t You become a little less human and a little more robotic.

You lose individuality.

You lose your sense of self.

You become something a little less than yourself.

You, the inner you becomes hidden behind an emotionless mask.

I cry I laugh I love I hate but most of all I live and I live to my utmost.

I see I think I touch I taste I hear but most of all I feel through life.

I won’t hide my emotion.

I will feel what there is to feel whether it be joy or sadness melancholy or despair.

and by doing that I will go on…

I will move forward when I need to move forward and stay still when I need silence.

I will not be trapped or held hostage by those very emotions kept tightly locked within my mind

orslowly damaging my soul until I too become that robotic emotionless thing.

I love my life.

I love it all.

I take it all and accept it all.


It hurts and can be very painful

It sux sometimes

But from that pain comes joy.

From that dark comes light

From that hate comes love


From that imprisonment comes liberty


From that existence comes Life


and it rocks



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