Intepretation and Misrepresentation of Myths and Legends. Part 1 An Analogy of Truth

Interpretation and Misrepresentation of Myths and Legends.

Part 1 

An Analogy of Truth


There are many students on the pathways of knowledge. As with all fields of studies the journey and sights vary from one being to another. Some people are dedicated to the treasure hunt or “search for knowledge” in what others may say is a fanatical extreme. Everything they do, their whole existence weaves around those pathways of which they are always travelling along one or more.

Others take a somewhat more leisurely journey. They glance here and there, go for a wander up one path, stop and smell the roses. They may take a siesta under a tree or by some cool water on a lake to zone out for a period of time doing something less mentally exerting before finding another pathway to meander along.

Or they may not even venture up that path. They may be comfortable in their bubble and live their lives in a numb thoughtless bliss.

Success on that journey to knowledge and acquiring it is entirely dependent on the being themselves and that being’s ability to differentiate between Truth and Fantasy, commonly known as a Lie.

Ultimately for every “thing” in existence there is one truth. That is One Whole Truth. It is made up of many little pieces of truth. There may be many facets of that truth, many pieces of that truth, many sides of that truth and many sections of that truth but they all lead to and join to the one Truth.

The search for Knowledge can be likened to a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle starts off completely empty, blank, a new canvas. But first before we even get to that nothing state of blank canvas, we have the box it came in and In a pile with no rhyme or reason is the pieces, each a tiny picture, each a unique shape, a small section that eventually when completed will “make sense” as a picture.  We need the pieces that come in a box to build our picture.  We need the the picture of our picture on the box of what we are going to build from our empty clear space, our blank canvas.




Mayetism for the day

“Nothing is built from Something”


“Something cannot be built from Nothing”


In order to assist us, we view the box to gain an idea of the picture result and to figure out where would be the best place to start. We search through the pieces to gain an idea of what we are doing and then we can begin. It is “normally” learned that the fastest way to begin is along the edges. One small section or edge to build on with most ofthe area just gaps and holes. As more pieces are put together the unknown holes and gaps shrink and become smaller. There is less mystery of the future result as it becomes easier and faster to place more pieces The shape and picture become more defined with the future envisioned as it grows and swallows the holes of nothing.


That is knowledge. Those gaps of unknown are slotted with “theories” of truth and probabilities of truth. Using the jigsaw puzzle as an example again, “that picture looks like it probably will go around somewhere in that gap there but I need to find the ones before it and to get the right side and shape first.”


It doesn’t bode the maker well if he is not presenting the truth. In that box the maker is expected to and trusted to put ALL of the correct pieces in total to be built, and no missing pieces and not a couple of pieces here and there of a totally different jigsaw puzzle. What you see on the side of that box is what you expect when you finish building your puzzle. The maker would be putting himself out of business and giving himself a really bad rap if he rob you or change pieces on you for example expecting a puzzle ending up the picture on the box of of Mary with a little lamb and having it turn out to be a pornographic semi naked Madonna.


There is only you completing your jigsaw puzzle, unless you have that special partner to share the building journey with. If little johnny brother decides to complete some of your puzzle himself or destroy some of what you have completed, you will feel robbed from your mission, there will be hell to play, Jigsaw puzzles are a solitary sport.


Unlike The search for knowledge. Not only do you need to accept that minor fact that there is millions of people in the world searching for answers of truth, revealing truth, learning truth and ultimately hiding truth,  you also have to accept that for thousands of years, millions of people of multiple lifespans have been playing, disturbing, building, wrecking and changing your jigsaw puzzle which is an impediment to solving the puzzle successfully..


Simply because we do not know the truth.


We only have pieces of truth, some of us have bucketfuls and some of us have none. From those pieces we hold in our hands we can can only guess, using  our own experiences and viewpoint what the picture at the end will look like and each person has a different thought and idea what that that will be. We do that because we as the seekers lost the box with the picture of the result on on it long ago.



Stay tuned for

Interpretation and Misrepresentation of Myths and Legends. Part ll: Corruption of Truth


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