Introducing Mayet – Regarding Poetry

Introducing Mayet.

August 6 1997 – Mayet

Poetry is the music of the written word that touches the ears and soul in a rhythm and movement that undulates and waves serpent like, in a way that is pleasing, smooth and moving within the senses. Good poetry will roar and move you in time and space. You will feel it inside of you bringing a change to your emotion.

Many here who do read my work will know that my children have “Autism” but I don’t speak of the minor point of where they got it from. Me!!!!  and their fathers more than likely. It is a genetic difference in the way the brain works to the normal person.

It is pretty rare for a woman but even though it is seen as a disability by many, to me it is a treasure I wouldn’t swap for the world. It is a gift. I am telling you for one reason and one reason only. So that you can understand a bit about where I come from and why I think a bit left of centre to most.

I see the world in patterns. I use 49 percent of my right brain and 51 percent of my left brain. It is rare for people to be balanced like that, normally people are left or right brain dominant. I live for aesthetic balance in everything I do and see. I see the extreme beauty in simplicity and balance.

Mayet July 2019

When I was a child my school and adoptive parents were not aware of my intelligence and at the time Aspergers Autism was an unknown. I was sent to psychologists in fifth grade when the first school IQ tests conducted on me returned the truth. All of a sudden I had people perplexed and scratching their heads. The basket that they had put me in, of a lazy unco operative naughty disrespectful rebel, didn’t fit all of a sudden. They realized that I was bored. But they still did not have the tools or knowledge to deal with it or me.

I was immediately put ahead into the next grade for the year and things changed for a while until I hit high school and returned to the lower grade and then just became too bored with the whole thing.

What did school teach me?

Not much I can say that, I have honestly learned more since leaving school than I could ever dream of school teaching me. I do however still clearly remember learning one thing in grade school. How to write poetry and what the basic forms of poetry were. It was the one thing I listened to way back in first grade, when we we taught to write those simple rhymes. To give you an idea of just how whacky my head is. I know no grammar. I could not tell you the difference between and adverb, verb or adjective. I know a noun is a name word .. I think. I am serious there. I do not know grammar rules. I learn by memory. Mind you a photographic one which helps but memory none the less. I could not learn simple learn to read rules at school and yet one day I picked up a book and I could read it. No Joke. I never looked back. As an 11 year old child I had a catalogued library of over 3000 books and none of them had pictures in them.

For me to actually remember those simple few basic lessons today, to actually remember and picture being in that classroom and actually picture myself writing those first simple lines means to me that the “moment” was important to me and my life. I only learned what interested me. If it bored me, then forget it. I just wasn’t there. I was off with the pixies. In fact one day I learned that Indeed I am a pixie, Faery, Faun AKA, child of the mist – Elemental.

As a teen I wrote quite a few pieces but none of them were poetry. It wasn’t until I was 26, that I first started to actually write down my thoughts in rhyme or poetry. Most of my pieces were, as my life was at the time, esoteric in nature. I will be showcasing some incredible esoteric poets over the coming months and examining some unique facets in some of the work that has survived to date.

I have developed, as my life has developed, into other areas of poetry. One of the main arena’s I like to write in at the moment is comedy. Many of you may know of my down under scented comedy/satire poetry pieces celebrating various holidays throughout the year including Easter and Christmas.

I have been influenced in many ways by the distinctive flavour of Australian poetry and I will be introducing you to that same unique view of the world as I showcase some fantastic Australian poets of the 1800’s and 1900’s.

Down through time many of our artists and authors who have survived the test of time are thought to have had Aspergers Autism. Da Vinci is one. Einstein is another. As time goes by I would like to introduce you to the world of poetry through my eyes. Through the eyes of someone who may not be in any way shape or form conventional but one who see’s in a precise, exacting, mathematical and scientific way that is pleasing, appealing and beautiful in it’s own different unique simplicity. It is with extreme logic and only logic that I work. That logic includes emotional, spiritual, physical and mental unity in order to produce Logos. I am here to share with you that Logos.

The Logic of poetry.

I am not here to soapbox or pontificate. I am here to share what is inside me with all of you. I hope you enjoy everything I share with you as much I do and as much as I enjoy sharing it. More information about me, where I come from and my family life is available by viewing my profile and my prolific blogs.

I hope to challenge you. I hope to make you think and question your realities through the use of the poetic word. I hope to allow you to step outside your comfort zone and grow as a being into areas you perhaps have not yet explored. I hope to see flowers blooming and big round silvery raindrops falling. I hope many things but mostly I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.

I also have a wicked sense of humor. Don’t mind it, I don’t.

Logos – The word – The Speech.

Logos (Greek ?????) is an important term in philosophy, analytical psychology, rhetoric and religion. It derives from the verb
???? lego: to count, tell, say, or speak.[1] The primary meaning of logos is: something said; by implication a subject, topic of
discourse or reasoning. Secondary meanings such as logic, reasoning, etc. derive from the fact that if one is capable of ???e??
(infinitive) i.e. speech, then intelligence and reason are assumed.
Its semantic field extends beyond “word” to notions such as “thought, speech, account, meaning, reason, proportion, principle,
standard”, or “logic”. In English, the word is the root of “logic,” and of the “-ology” suffix (e.g., geology).[2]


Phew that was one long winded Introduction.

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