Life is full of contrasts

and totally opposing views

separate points of origin

Different destinations

and a multitude of varied rest stops on the way

but people can live life with blinkers on

they can only see a bit in front of them

and only remember whats behind them

They don’t look sideways to enjoy the scene

or stop to smell the roses

Scared and frightened of the dark

They plod along uncurious

so when they meet on crossroads

those contrasts and opposing views

only know the path they take

for their minds to conclude the judgements they make


Before you conclude

Before You Judge

Before you decide

You can not have my socks

but you can share my shoes



and keep walking.
Don’t stop until you can walk no more.
Then walk,
walk in your dreams,
walk in your memories
and walk to the end


Open Up your eyes
listen love and learn
experience in everything
then your wheel will turn

I am me
I may look like you
I may have some parts of you
I may have some ideas of yours
I may have some opinions like yours
I may act like you
I may talk like you
I may not sing like you because no one else on this planet could be so godawful
I may walk like you
I may dress like you
But I am me
All of me
and all of me is not all of you
I am not you
I am me

I don’t care what you think of me
I do care for the experience you see
You don’t have to think I’m nice
please read my work and roll the dice…

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