Love is The Truth and truth is Love

LulzSec Leaks GCHQ Databases

love is truth as truth is love
love above all

this is what happens when your government hires common criminals as GCHQ operatives with the Australian Signals Directorate who are given top secret security clearance and the red light to stop you at any cost.

Glen Holborow is a radio technician who specializes in remote control technology and robotics and is in charge of the radio towers from Gladstone queensland and the 46 hertz suppression current in those towers that controls all (didnt you ever wonder why you were targeted by mattress advertisers when you had just talked about buying a new mattress)

this is the point it gets to the point of interference and leaving you and your disabled children kicked out of your home and left on the gutter homeless because of money they owe you in child support.

I am Owed $4000 since beginning of year … he has taken my children … paid hundreds of thousands to lawyers to take them and destroy me .. then thrown them out as rubbish leaving my 19 year old on the streets and locking my 15 year old up for nearly a year in DOCS facilities.He stole my work and claimed it as his own including my algorithms . he has totally destroyed all I have created and the government has not only condoned it they have helped him.

I am supporting 5 of my children all of whom have been ruined by Glen and his power leaving me unable to barely buy food for everyone let alone pay rent without the money I am owed.

to all those who say I am crazy.. Oh GOD what is crazy is what has been done to us.. not me the result…

Anyone wants to come and watch police evict me Tuesday.. come on out…

thank you to Aleister Crowley Edward Snowden Free Julian Assange LulzSec for producing the truth

Lulz Sec Leaks GCHQ Databases (and it happens to have Glen’s email address as an operative – all will be revealed I have until Tuesday

please read the attached documents .. there is many more.. and pray/send me strength and my children we are targeted

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