Mind Mirrors Protecting Energy From Elsewhere

If you are attacked by any source what so ever be it accidental or malicious it will require you to defend. Well you don’t have to defend but if you don’t step up to the plate the damage can be horrendous.

If you defend by an action of attack you leave yourself open to a Magician to turn it around and use it against you.  Even simpler you are opening yourself up to Universal judgment and unless you are pure you will be subject to the universal Three Fold Law.

All actions have reactions. All actions more from the point of origin in a ripple wave effect similar to a butterfly effect. In simple terms watch the movie with Aston Kutcher to find meaning for an action and butterfly effect of that action.

Not only the butterfly effect reason of non attack,  an attack on an attack will leave one open to karmic debt, of which an analogy would be that two wrongs do not make a right. We exist due to a precarious balance, just one attacking action can be enough to tip the scales of justice of Maat deciding between death or regeneration in the hall of judgement, the soul could then be heavier than the Maat’s feather on the scale counterweight.

This Karma Akashic Record only  effects white lighters and the dark ones, who are the hidden lights, that serve as keeper of the knowledge and guardians of the light. Those “greys” between are not effected by such karmic judgement. Why ? because alien.

They have already sold their soul to the murkey colourless grey side. Their fate has already been determined at the sale to the chosen eternal damnation of chained murkiness .

A simpler more effective move you may make, which can be used to nullify any attack even one from an advanced Magi is mirrors. I am not talking about propping mirrors everywhere in the hope that external energy won’t find it’s target, or even in the most carefully prepared and consecrated rituals as not even the most powerful of magick is protected against attack. I am talking about a simple shield up action of an Akashic Egg mirror. You can turn carefully and with knowledge yourself into a mirror. Quite often students will find other people will be complaining about something they are perceived to be doing and the student will stop at some point of the conversation and think, hey this is projection, this person is talking about themselves and their own shortfalls of awareness, not mine.

This can be because one one level, be it unconscious, sub conscious or conscious, you have turned yourself into a reflection, a mirror.

By consciously turning yourself into a mirror using magick, you are then reflecting this energy back to its source. by carrying this out you are developing the best and most valuable defense against attack.

When a person looks at you, whether they be present in person or someone performing a ritual on the other side of the planet, they won’t see you as you have become a reflection. Instead they may see a brilliant blinding light that they have to turn away from, they may see nothing or they may see themselves badly aspected. What they see if dependent on how highly developed they are in this incantation and how confident they are with their overall skills.

By using mind mirrors you can capture energy in the mirrors and magnify it controlling it to move and be send it where ever you want.

Quite often weaker people or even sick and ill people without realizing it will pass their dark unwanted energies to the nearest vessel, a receptive one, an empath or just a nice person. A soul who is not firing in the correct balanced sequence will USC to the nearest and easiest receptacle  drawing and sucking the clear and clean coloured energy out to boost their flagging discoloured energy. They need your energy to move and slow their degradation of the self being.

It drags you down immediately, draining you leaving you tired, in pain with headaches and general aches, woozy and upset stomach, off balance, affected heartbeat and inner pulse, lost of control, mood swings, anger, Confusedness, digestive issues and physically sick are just some of the symptoms. This can cause you to be out of balance with your environment and things will begin to go wrong for you and around you. You not hear or listen to your guide, higher self and be reduced to the lower realm of impulse.

The mirror is the most protective tool a person can use and allows one to basically throw the salt circles and garlic crosses away. The mirror is a mantra, an amulet, a barrier that you build using visualization. Imagine someone turning a mirror in the sunshine on you. The flash alone is blinding. This is the energy you are sending back and deflecting from yourself.

1, Mirror Preparation.

The preparation of the mirror is the most important part from the start. Not only will you need to project the mirror around you, you 2will also need to reflect above you and underneath you. This is why an egg is the shape of obvious choice, It has no corners to hold or get stuck, It has no sides that can be joined to

2, Material of the egg mirror

The material the egg has been created with is of utmost importance, you don’t wan’t your mirror shattered if the attacker decides to breath fire on you. To begin with you need to be thinking of what the attacker can use to break through your defences,

The five senses, Touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight are the first.

to be continued.

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