The Dial – La’Hor’Ver’Dia

La’ Hor’Ver’ Dia

Mirage =  Mirror Image

Horver is the method I have used to find truth behind all. By flipping something Horizontal – Vertical and diagonally and layering it over the top it opens up what lies beneath endlessly.

Your brain skips words (bits) and picks up on other words. It misses the little shit and picks up on the big picture and only then does your mind interpret the data received. Your mind is not linear, your eye sees absorbs and then translates into language and meaning. This non linearness of your mind has been studied by intelligence, analysed, backward engineered and weak spots exposed to be used against you for the gain of the powers that be. The hidden ones also known as the fat controllers. The heartless ones.

So back to my point and I will get straight to it… The picture above is seen by the eye instantaneously absorbed and you think you consciously ignored it.

BUT it floats around on the mirrors that is your mind

Your Mind “Horver” the image

Horver is to flip an image horizontally vertically to show you truth of mirage the mirror image of all – the horizon

something your mind does but you ignore.




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