The Planet and Mankind Originally Posted Feb 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Planet and Mankind

Will the planet survive “The Change” will humanity learn and grow from their mistakes and move towards a peaceful culture of worldwide peace, or will man’s blood lust destroy him in the process. It seems that there is a point, fantasy or real where each species in evolution comes to “The Change”. The ability is given to that species to be able to wipe themselves out. The splitting of the Atom was our first big change and first ability to properly destroy ourselves. So now it is a choice, to use that knowledge for peace or war… prosperity or destruction. Only a species that can overcome that blood lust and overcome greed can move forward, towards building a civilisation for our children and the generations to come.

If that move is not made, mankind will self destruct and a new species will take it’s place at the top of the chain. Evolve or die. Grow or be extinguished.

While there are people starving, people at war and people creating deadly viruses for use in war, mankind moves closer to that red self destruct button every minute. Now is the crucial time, Humanity is walking the tightrope and just one teeny slip can mean the end of it all.

But if mankind overcomes lust, and works now for the future and struggles along that tightrope to the other side, then mankind will grow strong and move into the new era with new knowledge, strength and power.

That power has been given, now is the choice of mankind what to do with that knowledge. To use that power to create or destroy.

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