The Power Of Words – Obeah and Wanga

The Power Of Words – Obeah and Wanga


“Also the mantras and spells; the obeah and the wanga;
the work of the wand and the work of the sword;
these he shall learn and teach.” – Liber AL vel Legis I:37

In his Commentaries, Crowley explains:

The obeah is the magick of the Secret Light with special reference to acts; the wanga is the verbal or mental correspondence of the same. […] The “obeah” being the acts, and the “wanga” the words, proper to Magick, the two cover the whole world of external expression.


Voodoo Priests and Aboriginal Kaiticha’s share a powerful secret. The ability to cause harm and even death by ritualistic use of the word and the wind. In thelemic terms, the wand and the sword. The power in these magickians hands is untold. Many a story has been told over time of people mysteriously dying through voodoo spells or being “sung” to death by the Kaiditcha man.

The story deosn’t stop there. The magick is so intense that the victim does not have to know or be aware of being the subject of such a spell or ritual and they do not have to believe in such a phenomena either. The power of this magick is such that it works without knowledge of.  All it takes is someone who “knows what they are doing” and has power at their fingertips.

An’ Harm Ye None Do what Ye Will

Wiccan law down through time has always been aware of this powerful ability and as such, a mainstay of wicca is the threefold law. This Wiccan law reflects the thelemic way perfectly and as such shows the marriage or ties that thelema has to the ancient pagan ways.

Wicca – Do what ye will.

Thelema – Do What thou Will.

Wicca – In perfect Love.

Thelema – Love under will.

This Threefold law should ALWAYS be adopted by Thelemites before any ritual work is started, begun or undertaken. Action spawns Reaction. Abiding by this law ensures no harm comes to another from any thelemic ritual and most importantly no harm is able to mirror back to the practitioner, which can be catastrophic, even if one has no prior knowledge or awareness of this tenet. The threefold law is a universal law, which works through the universal mirrors.  Another name for this law is Karma.

It is just as and even more powerful than any ritual banishing of the lesser or greater pentagram. It has the ability to stop “Obeah Wanga” in it’s tracks and effectively thwarts any bad destructive energy sent out.

It also put the brakes on practitioners throwing out harmful currents or entrapping and hurting others without mirroring back on themselves harmfully.

In today’s modern society, Voodoo and other magick has evolved with the changes of time. With the advent of the Internet, it is far easier to send out energy than ever before and in many cases it is much more effective. No need to send energy on the wind, or even by letter or telegram. One just needs to pop a post on facebook (the way) using the words (Logos) required to send out will.

Knowledge is power and once you understand this and the ways it can be used on you, you can use that awareness to not only protect yourself and others around you but to thwart and nullify any actions taken by others that can bring harm.

That serial “woe is me” poster, little do you realize how far you are dragged down and into that vortex if dismal woe, just by reading, eliciting sympathy or agreeing with that person.

That person who is constantly sick, ill or in dire straits, is actually dragging you down to be just as unhealthy and sick yourself. At the same time these perpetrators are not unlike the succubus, feeding off your sympathy, feeding off your empathy and making you unwell.

Those sad stories, well simply put they make you sad, take the light from your life. You don’t need it. Mainstream media and news is expert at dragging you down into that vortex of negativity. The Covid disaster is a perfect example. Read one article and all of a sudden your life is all doom and gloom.

Having said that, there is another entity, another outlook in play here. The Voodoo practitioner of the Obeah and Wanga. You can find them everywhere in every facebook group or page for victims. They are the ones who feed off victims, using a victims doom and gloom twisting it around for their own dastardly ways. These are the sick puppies who thrive on shadenfraude, they gain great joy from another’s misery. to drag you down, builds them up, gives them power.

I was shown/learned just how powerful and just how active these entities are on social media and I will share that with you to show you how easy and how dangerous these people are.

Magi Anecdote Time

I joined a gaslighting victims group as one of my articles here was shared to that group. I was scrolling through the posts looking for my article when I found this post. Immediately my sensors started going off. I have been the victim of gaslighting for a period of time and I feel things that do not sit right. Victor did not sit right.

Well it seemed to me that Victor darling was as fake as astroturf and a very dangerous narcissist. I ask you, my readers to analyse Victor’s post from your own experiences and think about what you feel when you read it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Keywords stood out to me, super hero, catastrophic, mental torture, carry, Godsend, expert, mastered, iron tank, sabotage, stupor, epidemic .. I could go on but it seemed to me that Victor was setting himself up as a knight in shining armour which is not what any victim needs at all. They need to build their own strength, not rely on a facebook phantom. Plus his cross wasn’t quite right and the red was a don’t go there. Picky bitch aren’t I but I have learned to rely on my senses and trust myself.

so the inner me, or my angel whatever you want to call it, just HAD to reply. and Victors reply to my reply  bought a new awareness. In Victors words I could see a ritual or spell forming of directed energy towards me. keywords here being “on point” “deliver” “protect poster” “infiltrate” and then the directed order “understand I am here in peace or be gone” no no no no I will not be directed in my thoughts and views and that is indeed my judgement. Who is it beautiful for? His skin>?

It didn’t stop there. Victor continued to slyly, underhandedly “gaslight me” and weave his sick magick.

Did he just pull the passive agressive card on me. Oh yes he did. Thats also when I got the key to his “sick work” by getting women to share there despair with him, he got power, power over women, power over victims. Easy victims.

At this point, other people, women who had been victims to gaslighters before, started to wake up and see the truth.

This did not stop Victor, I dont’ think he is used to having women see through him and call him on his sick game. Now I started to break up his words and directed my reply at each piece of it. Gaslighting 101 indeed. I had no doubts, I was dealing with a very sick powerful magickian. Over and over n my head came the mantra, who do voodoo. Im an Australian, I hadn’t ever dealt directly with Voodoo before in my life and the only experience I had with Obeah and Wanga were from the boys of Lashtal discussing it and it’s meaning


Ok I admit, my angel can be a bit of  a smart ass when she/I wants.


I had just clicked reply with what is above when suddenly it started, I could feel a toxic dark energy seep into my sanctuary and begin to settle over my head. My head began to ache and I felt exhausted all of a sudden and oh so foggy. Oh no you don’t I thought and I jumped up centred myself and began to move in my yoga moves of balance. The energy got heavier but I pushed on. I took about 40 minutes of moving in tune with my world of love and rainbows to push that energy back out into the mirrors of the universe.

When I was sure I had reversed the energy I sat down and went over it all. How the fuck had he done that was my first question. I didn’t question that it had in fact happened, I knew my world well enough to know something alien and toxic trying to make it’s way in. So I logged back into facebook and I admit when I read his reply my mouth hit the floor catching flies. There it was the voodoo spell, and by fuck there was also a disguised “Obeah Wanga” just to cement his actions. (circled in red)  obi wanObeah Wanga. so there you have it…below is the perfect example of How Obeah Wanga, voodoo, magick can be used on facebook by sick bileous vomit energy to hurt women and to hurt people already victimized. and an anecdote of what can happen from that sick vomit energy. So I let Tefnut speak for me.. my lion speaks tonight…..  she was hangry. I never went back that was lesson learned about facebook victim groups and the energies that feed off it. I could have a fulltime job wit my lil sword of truth with these assholes but I would rather create faster than anyone can destroy. Never underestimate this. Never underestimate Magick. Never underestimate your feelings, if it’s wrong, it is wrong. If it’s magick and wrong, destroy it.


Below find some links for you to learn about Voodoo and Obeah Wanga and some good old fashioned Wiccan power.


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